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   Chapter 91 Attending A Wedding (Part One)

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Finally, the wedding dress for her was a White Chiffon Skirt of retro style, with two lamp sleeves tied at the sleeve, and the collar opened to her collarbone, revealing a pair of delicate butterfly bones, which looked more attractive.

The outer layer was decorated with lace edge, and the skirt extended all the way to the calf, revealing a half jade like leg, which was tempting. She looked like a British Royal Princess.

Leila could be seen better. Even when Max went over, his eyes twinkled. Then Leila met the maid who was packing her belongings. To be honest, she did not like the cold behavior of Max, but now she was also too fragile to protect herself, and it was very difficult for her to help the maid.

She had been sulking all the way through the passenger seat. The window was half open, and wisps of cold wind blew in, dispelling all the chaotic thoughts. She squinted, enjoying the special feeling brought by the fast speed of Max.

Tristan and Isis's wedding was held in the seaside lobby. The seaside had been far away from the city, so it was impossible for anyone to come back after the wedding and dinner party. But it was okay. The lack of sea wind helped to dispel the sadness in these days.

When they arrived at the hall, Leila was shocked. She raised her eyebrows and looked at the hall in front of her. She couldn't help but admire.

As the richest city in the country, D city had the best quality in this city, including the hall.

Every woman had a dream in which they were held together with their prince, a quiet hall, a kind priest, a group of guests with their wishes.

The dream of Isis was realized today, but there was still a long way ahead for her.

After parking the car, Max turned around, seeing that she was sta

ging up the phone, Max looked down on the ship, finding that the front cabin was still crowded, looking gloomy.

As an outstandingly efficient man, in no more than an hour, a large-scale ship came towards the sea. Leila bit her lips and marveled at the extraordinary skills of every staff in the Mu Group.

The ship was called by Max. Everyone who was invited to the wedding knew him, so even if there was a ship coming to the wedding, they didn't dare to catch it. After all, it belonged to the Mu Group.

Leila and Max walked to the ship. She raised her eyes and looked at the man in front of her. Those people on the cruise gazed at each other and no one dared to move. She whispered, "don't let them come?"

Max looked at her indifferently. "None of my business."

Hearing that, Leila didn't say anything. She looked back at the guests on the other cruise, raised her eyebrows and turned around. She had no voice in front of Max. Even if she made a suggestion, it was ignored.

Finally, some guests were invited to board the cruise ship because of the woman with a beautiful face. Except for her, Leila couldn't find someone who could help her change Max's mind.

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