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   Chapter 90 The Dispute Escalated (Part Two)

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He hadn't taken medicine for a long time and almost forgot that he had a heart disease.

Leila was quite busy these days. She had a long talk with the fruit warehouse she worked for. She didn't know how to cultivate vegetables and fruits, but she only knew some basic knowledge, such as the acid-base degree of the earth, which fruit or vegetables should be cultivated.

However, the reason why she was handed in the warehouse was not the amount of money, but experience. Every day, Leila absorbed her knowledge.

The warehouse was a woman in her forties. She had a simple smile, and her surname was Yan. So Leila called her sister-in-law Yan, in order to show her decency and decency. Although she wasn't as good at planting as the one Leila liked, she had a good heart.

The decoration in the room was finished successfully. Leila hadn't seen Isis for a long time. As a supervisor, Tristan was in charge of the project of the farm, still staying at the farm.

When he was about to go off work, Leila was watering the vegetables when he came over. She greeted him when she saw him, "Mr. Xia."

Tristan nodded and took a look at the order of the vegetables in the yard and said, "thanks for your hard work, Miss Song."

In fact, Leila didn't need to do anything, but she was more willing to stand up and take off her hood than sitting there in a daze. The hot summer sun made her face red with sweat.

Tristan's eyes brightened, which had nothing to do with love, but pure appreciation. Leila was a rare natural beauty. Although she didn't wear any make-up, she still looked full of oxygen. Max's eyes for seducing people were very unique compared with the past.

He thought for a while and said, "Miss Song must attend the wedding tomorrow."

Hearing that, Leila stopped her hand. If Tristan didn't remind her, she

ssed with cleanliness. Perhaps it was because of the awkwardness when he saw her coming back that made him feel disgusted. She pursed her lips and said, "I will clean myself up before you come back."

A hint of complexity appeared in Max's eyes. He drew back his gaze and said indifferently, "you'd better be like this."

Leila breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she saved her hobbies safely, but she was still immersed in the fact that Max was indiscriminately depriving her of all her hobbies in life. She felt depressed, so that she ignored the man who was constantly compromise with her in a tough tone.

A bad night had passed, and the next day still seemed not so good. In the early morning, Max looked gloomy, looking at Leila's beautiful dress with surging eyes.

The maid stood aside, daring not say a word. Leila looked indifferent as if she was a doll. Obviously, she had given up her right in front of him, but unfortunately, the maid was replaced again.

It was just a trifle, at least in her eyes, it was a trifle. Since when did Max's taste become so "to hide for the beauty" from the point of view. Fortunately, Leila was born a model, not tall, but she looked very elegant in her clothes.

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