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   Chapter 89 The Dispute Escalated (Part One)

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Leila met a tricky problem recently. The interior decoration of the farm had been almost completed. What they needed now was to contact all the fields and choose some good vegetables and fruits for planting. The first group was facing the market, like to have a perfect posture.

However, the problem was the fruit and vegetables seeds that Leila had chosen. The price had been raised very high, probably because that person guest the Mu Group had to pay a large amount of money for the seeds. Leila had always hated people who didn't have the heart to eat anything, but that was the case for this person.

Apart from his personality, his products had a high market value. Before that, she had done some research and put a lot of effort into it. Among them, the one who commented the most was the one.

The orchard was a man in his thirties. He was born in the rural area and had a unique way to plant it. Therefore, he started his own business when he was 20 years old, which was owned by a physical build. Till now, the number of fields under his group reached hundreds.

It was undoubtedly successful for a man who started from a clean hand, but his means and moral character didn't represent his good character. Although the price he offered was more than enough for the budget of the Mu Group, Leila insisted on competing with him.

The strange fierce look confused Tristan and Isis. For the past few days, Leila y had reached a stalemate with the warehouse. The man kept refusing to lower the price, and Leila was refusing to give in either.

Isis sighed. Although her determination was good at work, when it came to life, she was afraid that her husband would suffer more.

She was right. After knowing this, Max looked at her with dark eyes and said in an indifferent tone, "why not change a company?"

Leila bit her lips, and her eyes were

he smiled with his peach blossom eyes, he was just like what was described in the comics to tug at the heartstrings.

He changed a posture and continued, "you see that the dosage of medicine has increased recently. If it is not for my machine in America to check, the result will be the opposite to what you want."

Hearing that, Max took a look at him indifferently with the pen in her hand and said in a casual tone, "otherwise, what do you want to do?"

With a whine, Zed said in a despondent tone, "it's impossible to make something out of nothing. If I don't know your physical condition, how can I cure your disease?"

"It's up to you," said Max, who changed the folder for him

When he was about to cry again, Zed was stopped by someone with a cold look. He touched his nose awkwardly and said seriously, "I don't care how busy your work is. As your private doctor, I have the right to protect your life. Come back to America with me next month."

The latter, on the other hand, didn't even raise a finger. "Stop," he said coldly

Zed left angrily after he heard what Max said.

It was not until the footsteps of Zed disappeared that Max put down the pen in his hand indifferently, and a pair of deep pond rippled.

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