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   Chapter 88 Go On Pestering

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Leila had never seen such a shameless person. She came back just because something was left in the Song Group, but she was caught by Veron. She pursed her lips and looked at the man in front of her office. A sense of disgust rose from the bottom of her heart.

"Mr. Veron, not to do anything more than three times. If you continue to press the matter, I have to call a lawyer to help."

She said in a cold tone and Veron cast a glance at her. A strange look appeared on his face and he said, "Leila, I heard from Astrid that you have been to her house?"

Leila understood. It turned out that he came here for the matter of Astrid. She could imagine that Astrid snuggled up to her in his arms and accuse her of 'evils'. There seemed to be a layer of frost on her face as she said, "so what?"

As far as Veron could remember, Leila always followed him with a smirk, showing great concern for him, what gradually changed her smiling face into such an indifferent look?

"Leila, what happened to you?"

Leila wanted to laugh. He seemed to have forgotten that it was him who steeled her personality to the maximum extent, and now he was shamelessly asking her? Are you serious?

"Mr. Veron, you don't need to worry about how I look like. By the way, your fiancee said that she would go to find you later. Remember to hide another female carefully."

Her voice was coquettish, and there was still a familiar smell in it. But what she said was totally different from the usual times. The coldness between the eyebrows of Veron surged up.

All the women were duplicitous. He didn't believe that she forgot him so soon. Therefore, he stepped forward, pinched her chin and was about to kiss her when she was off guard.

With rage burning in her heart, Leila violently shook off the hand of Veron. She then took a step back, keeping a certain distance from him. In an icy tone, she cried, "Veron! Don't make me call the police! "

Looking at the woman who was hiding far away from him, he finally realized that she was no longer a person who always valued himself. He was enveloped by a huge sense of loss, and then he was ready to win.

As he was lost in thought, Leila quickly brushed past him.

A wicked glint flashed in his eyes as Veron watched her going away. He swore to himself that he would find her heart again even though he had lost her once! He had to get what he wanted!

With a gloomy face, Leila's good mood for a whole day had been destroyed by Veron. She was totally frustrated, but she couldn't control herself. She had gone through a terrible time, but someone was still trying to offend her.

Seeing Leila walking to her from the other side, the coldness in Daisy's heart emerged. She stepped forward and asked in a sarcastic tone, "what's wrong with you sister? Why are you looking so unhappy in the early morning? "

With a smile on her face, Leila said, "yes, I was bitten by a dog in the early morning, so I am unh

Max's voice, Leila trembled like a frightened rabbit, and then she responded, "you mean this star?"

A straightforward person does not resort to insinuations. Looking at Leila, Max thought she understand his meaning. When Leila came to herself, she realized the contract in his hand.

It was the contract signing the stock of the farm. She glanced at it and said, "sign it now?"

They had agreed that if the farm was on right track and acted in a good way, she would be able to obtain forty percent of the shares. Now, the business of the farm had just been half completed. Was it too anxious?

"It seems that you don't want it." said Max, with a strange look in his eyes.

Before he finished his words, the contract in his hand was snatched away. Leila put the contract in her chest like a guardian. "I'll sign it."

The latter turned around lightly, and the emotion rose in his eyes made his eyes bright.

No matter what was the reason why she had signed the contract so early, Leila thought that Max must have a purpose, but in the face of such a temptation, she was unable to refuse him.

After signing the contract, Leila looked at it and thought to herself.

'you are such a soft hearted person. You deserve to be taken advantage of!'

The sound of the rain, the television and the files rolling in the room made Leila bit her lips and wanted to go upstairs for a shower, but she was stopped by Max.

"Where are you going?"

After a short pause, she turned around and said in a soft tone, "I'm going to take a shower first."

"Let's go together later."

Leila stood behind him and made a gesture to his back, answering, "okay."

She turned back and walked to him. She continued to watch TV but all her attention was on the sound of him turning over documents.

In the eyes of Max, the little woman was lovely when she was attentively watching TV. He could not help raising the corners of his mouth and turning the document steadily.

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