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   Chapter 87 A Mystery Of Life (Part Two)

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The man snorted and got the point, "it's simple. Since you have recognized your biological father, let him take the Mu Group as his enemy."

His words struck a chord in Daisy's heart. Why did this man want to take revenge on the Mu Group?

Moreover, it was easier said than done. The Mu Group was a powerful tycoon in D city that no one dared to offend. Even the great power of the entertainment industry couldn't be a common enemy, but to fight against the Mu Group was undoubtedly like striking an egg against a rock.

Such an obvious result would definitely make Wayne a fool to listen to her.

The man saw that Daisy's face darkened. He coldly said, "of course, you can't get into the Wang Family by yourself, but I will help you to gain the trust of Wayne."

Daisy remained unmoved. She would never agree to Mu Group's invitation if only they were enemies.

The man's face turned cold. He said coldly, "you have a second choice. Your birth is known to the public and you are expelled by the Song Family. Then it's too late to find Wayne. No one will be forced to admit that you have an illegitimate daughter. Moreover, the reputation of the Wang Group is always the top priority."

Daisy trembled. He was threatening her. But as he said, if her identity was exposed, she would really be doomed.

After weighing the pros and cons, she gritted her teeth and said, "Okay, I promise you."

The man curled his lips into a satisfied smile and said in a lazy voice, "when you get it, transfer all your shares to my account."

Hearing what he said, a touch of anger appeared on Daisy's face. She said, "why should I listen to you?"

The man said in a cold voice, "just because I provide the message."

Daisy pursed her lips and didn't say anything. She couldn't have different opinions with men now, and he was in charge of her. Once

eemed to have been planned for a long time, waiting for an opportunity to pour down!


A loud noise suddenly sounded, and Leila trembled and shivered. She shivered at the noise, and as she moved too fast, her head hit the wall above. She winced in pain.

When hearing the sound, Max looked at her. It was immediately adorable to see her little wrinkled face. A smile flashed across his eyes. He withdrew his gaze and continued to read the documents on his hand.

As he expected, after the news of the bad news about the Mu Group spread out, Spencer began to take actions. He bought two companies of the Mu Group in a row, looking like a tiger looking for a chance to make a move.

He didn't know it was a bait he had let out. He used two eliminated companies to fill his stomach. Spencer thought his stomach was rich, but in fact, it was only two trash companies that would collapse before long. That was to say, his stomach was now only a mass of air, which seemed full but in fact it was unbearable.

As long as Spencer didn't find anything, he would set up a trap for him step by step and his money would be used up soon.

As for his existence Thinking that, Max's eyes turned cold. It will decide his mood.

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