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   Chapter 86 A Mystery Of Life (Part One)

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Obviously, these people wanted Max to say something satisfying. They all came for the shares. Their implication was that their company's shares were weak, and if they continued to do so, it would be difficult to guarantee the performance.

Leila could hear the obvious threat, let alone Max. She looked at him subconsciously, and the smile on the latter's lips was unfathomable. He said, "it seems that you have a brilliant future. Maybe the ambition and ambition of the younger generation are more suitable for the future business development."

His words stunned everyone. Did he mean to dismiss them?

A cold light appeared in Max's eyes. She continued, "I have to remind every uncle of the times. There are so many changes in the world. If we can't keep up with it, we will only be thrown away."

' Max is that Max? It can't be compromised by any threat, neither can be conquered by both soft and hard tactics. Leila pursed her lips. It is inevitable for him to be dissatisfied with the reckless words. Moreover, regardless of the position of the people present, just having a seniority in the family, no one can swallow such humiliation when being pointed by a junior.

As expected, the first one to blow up was the elder man. He said angrily, "Max, after all, we are your uncles. How dare you point your finger at us like this!"

"Uncle, in this era where the weak are prey to the strong, it's too rash to describe them with seniority," said Max in an indifferent tone

He stressed the word "Uncle" hard, and the old man was startled. He compressed his lips and did not say anything, but was extinguished by his words.

Everyone knew that Mr. Mu held most shares now, followed by Max. From the company's point of view, he was indeed much stronger than them. At this time, it was unwise to use the family card to suppress him. After all, everyone present knew what t

man's voice was still hoarse. He looked at Daisy with deep and ironic eyes.

Hearing this, Daisy was stunned. She had thought her father was a nobody. For Sophia, it was hard to not choose a man who was more powerful than Johnson.

"Who is he?"

The man sneered at the woman in front of him from the bottom of his heart. It turned out that she only wanted to marry a rich man by climbing up the ladder.

"Wayne Wang, chairman of Wanming Entertainment."

Daisy's eyes widened. Did she hear it right?

The ten thousand star entertainment company was the first company to recruit foreign artists in the country. Since the idea was novel, it had been a hit by the media in recent years, and Wayne was also pushed to the top ten entertainment company in the country, whose power was far greater than the Song Group.

Daisy couldn't tell how she felt at the moment. After being told that she was the illegitimate daughter, she learned that her biological father was chairman of the board of tens of thousands of entertainment companies, with few financial resources and power in D city.

Her mood was like a roller coaster. She pursed her lips, restrained her excitement, and pretended to be calm, "what is the purpose of you telling me these?"

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