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   Chapter 85 A Group Trial (Part Two)

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No wonder Leila was surprised, because the atmosphere inside the room was quite frightening. The people sitting in this room were all famous people in D city. Each of them was able to become a hegemon with themselves, and what's more, they were all the people of the Mu Group.

To be exact, they were the CEOs of the many subsidiaries of the Mu Group. The oldest one was sixty years old and the youngest one was forty years old. More importantly, they were all members of the Mu family and were mainly centered on senior Mr. Mu and uncles.

It was a group trial. In other words, they were greedy. Every family that had some companies would fight for their shares, not to mention the eastern overlord, the Mu Group.

It happened that Max's grandfather became ill, then others who had been lurking in the Mu Group for many years became restless these days. Leila's heart was tightened. It seemed that the turmoil in the Mu Group was not groundless.

She sat down next to Max calmly. She didn't understand why he brought her here since it was Mu Group's business.

Max sat on the host seat indifferently, there was an elder man on the right. Although he was old, his eyes were more brilliant than anyone else. He said, "Max, you can't do this. Since our elders have waited for you for so long, you have to punish yourself with three cups of wine."

He said half jokingly and half seriously. Even Leila could feel the irony in his words.

Max took a look at the man indifferently and said, "Uncle, you know, I have a heart problem, so I can't drink."

He refused the "punishment" mentioned by his uncle and skillfully avoided the attack. The man patted his head and said, "how can I forget this? You have a bad heart. I should be punished!"

After saying that, he drank three glasses of wine.

do you think of this result? "

It was the first time for Leila to hear so many words from Max, but the point was not his abnormality, but the key point of the words. This kind of accurate comment never beat around the bush made everyone's face change.

At this point, Max's imposing manner was completely displayed. As the president of the Mu Group's headquarter, he had the right to criticize his subsidiary companies, even if they were twelve years older than him on average.

In Leila's impression, Max was always mysterious and serious, yet he did not restrain himself in the slightest way today. She pursed her lips, and his expression was cold from the corner of her eyes.

"Max, you don't have to be so harsh on us. Remember, our subsidiary companies, unlike the head office, had a strong background to protect itself from any economic crisis. To be honest, it's very difficult to maintain the past performance, so how can we improve it?"

The elder man said in a sarcastic tone. That was exactly what the other people here wanted to express. Obviously, the leader of the other people was this man. All the people looked at Max with different expressions, waiting for his reaction.

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