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   Chapter 84 A Group Trial (Part One)

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After getting along with each other for so many days, they could know each other well. Leila didn't know what Max was thinking. Apparently, she had apologized in a humble way as he liked, but he seemed to be even more angry.

She stood quietly beside him, with her eyes bowed. Without his words, she dared not go upstairs even if she was very sleepy.

Max gradually calmed down. Today was the first time that he had lost control. Looking at the woman who had stirred up his emotions, her obedient appearance appeared in his eyes, and ripples arose in his heart.

His deep eyes flashed a trace of strangeness. Max stood up indifferently and strode out of the apartment. His back was still cold.

Shocked by what he did, Leila felt a sudden pang of pain in her heart. She pursed her lips, calmed herself down, turned around and went upstairs, just in time to have a good rest at night.

In fact, Leila was not God's favored. When she was sleeping in a daze, Max's hot body came up behind her with a familiar smell. She frowned and groaned.

Her voice, with a deep nasal sound and a long ending, ignited the fire of desire in Max's ears in an instant. His hot body quickly stained her, then love and desire covered with these two persons.

The air was full of ambiguity, rippling the room.

The next morning when Leila awoke, she felt so sore all over her body that it was almost impossible for her to have a rest. It could be seen how much suffering she had been tormented by Max last night. She had a good memory. So when she woke up, the memory of last night poured into her mind, with a strange mood.

When she went downstairs, Max was still having breakfast and reading the financial newspaper as a routine. When he heard the sound, he didn't raise his eyes and said, "tidy up. There is a meeting."

Hearing this, Leila

red in his eyes. He restrained his gaze, and with a sudden drift, the car stopped quickly, and because of the inertia, Leila leaned on his body.

She smelt a faint fragrance, just like his character, which was domineering into her lungs. With a sense of coolness, her heart beat missed a beat inexplicably. She pursed her lips and stood still, warning herself not to be narcissistic.

Max's last destination was a luxurious restaurant, which was still the common theme restaurant in D city. As long as you entered, you would certainly spend a lot of money. But for the top class people like him, such money was like a drop in the bucket.

Leila changed her mind. Even though she was born in a wealthy family, she couldn't help but sigh at the consumption level of Max. 'damn it.'

She put her hand on Max's wrist and smiled decently. She knew that Max must be as cold as before, even without looking at his face. Leila's smile became more natural as she was led by him to the innermost private room on the third floor.

Even though she was mentally prepared, the moment she opened the door, she was still frightened with her legs weak. Max beside her supported her body and entered the room with a calm expression.

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