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   Chapter 83 The Trap

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Before she saw the person's face, she knew it was Robert. With an already prepared smile on her face, she said, "senior."

No matter how awkward she was, she was still the arrogant Leila in front of others. She couldn't allow anyone to trample on her.

"Why are you here?" asked Robert, blinking his eyes

Leila said softly, "have you forgotten that I'm also involved in the construction of your company's farm?"

"Okay, I get it. Go ahead with your work. Call me if anything happens," said Robert.

Answered Leila with a smile. When she brushed against Robert, the smile on her face disappeared gradually. After leaving the company, Mr. Zhang had already driven the car to front of her. Leila said, "don't go back to the apartment now. Take me to a place."

Mr. Zhang glanced at her through the rearview mirror and asked, "where are you going, Miss Leila?"

Leila opened the map and handed it to him. Mr. Zhang was born and raised in D city, so he was very familiar with this city. After looking at it, he began to go. Leila sat quietly on the passenger seat, with a serious look.

The car passed through the downtown street, turned seven or eight corners and finally stopped in front of a shabby building. Looking at the building, Mr. Zhang said with concern, "Miss Leila, I'll go with you."

Leila fixed her eyes on these buildings and said indifferently, "no, I'm familiar with here."

Why wasn't she familiar with here? When she went to college, Leila often came to Astrid's house. Although there was a huge gap between their status, she never thought of their so-called status. For her friendship, she had always been very sincere and went all out.

But compared to the reason why Veron betrayed her, she was more eager to know the reason why Astrid betrayed her. For Astrid was the one who had accepted all her kindness but requited kindness with enmity.

Getting out of the car, she walked step by step towards the familiar door, and stopped.

The door was still the same, but it was a little more shabby with much more dust on it. She raised her hand and knocked at the door. After a short while, the door was opened. A woman in her fifties opened the door. She looked at Leila carefully for a long time with a familiar yet unacceptable look in her eyes.


Leila called. The woman was delighted. With water still dropping from her hands, she took a look at Leila's clothes and wiped water on her body unconsciously. "Leila, it's been a long time since we last met. Come in."

Leila smiled. No matter what Astrid had done to her, her mother treated her sincerely. There was no denying that she didn't hate anyone who had sincerely treated her, so Leila didn't hate this aunt due to Astrid.

"What about Astrid? Isn't she at home? "

Leila walked into the room with her. When the woman heard the word 'Astrid', her body trembled and the smile on her face froze. She said: "why did you mention her? Have a seat."

Then she pulled her to the sofa. Leila was

surging up in his eyes. He said, "what did you do?"

Leila obviously felt the pressure coming from him. She slightly moved her body and said truthfully, "she placed obstacles in today's matter."

After a moment of silence, the temperature around her was cooled down, and Max said, "you are making a fool of yourself again."

Although his tone was calm, it was filled with anger. Max had never accepted her self-assertion.

"Let me ask you, do you know who cooperates with Astrid?"

Leila's eyes widened. He knew it! Since he knew that she was framed, why did he still question her today?

The figure of Charles flashed through her mind and all clues were connected at once.

The whole plan today was a conspiracy of Max. The one who cooperated with him was exactly Charles. And Leila wasn't stupid. The one who could give Astrid money and support with the same goal was Bertha, and behind her was Spencer.

He used himself to bail out Bertha and Astrid. His ultimate goal was to lure Spencer into the bait! While the accidence made by Leila would most likely destroy the trap he set, which would make everything fall short of success.

Leila's face turned pale. She had known from the beginning that she would lose her self-esteem as long as she agreed to Max. But when she was really used as a bait and used carelessly, her heart ached.

She compressed her lips, looked at Max, nodded slightly and apologized seriously, "I'm sorry."

All of her cleverness should be put away. She was always an unimportant object in front of Max.

Hearing that, Max took a deep look at her. Her apology was supposed to extinguish his anger, but somehow, it was like pouring oil on the flames, and the more fiercer he became. He frowned uncomfortably, and looked ferociously at the woman in front of him with a gloomy expression.

He was not annoyed by the fact that she might screw up his plan. He couldn't control his abnormal emotions. He took back his gaze and suppressed the nameless fire.

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