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   Chapter 82 Punish Someone As A Warning To Others (Part Two)

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 5980

Updated: 2020-02-08 00:22

Is Max trying to drive Leila away in public as he did to Bertha last time? '?

Without knowing what was going on, Leila followed his gesture, nestled into his arms, and indulged in his fingers playing with a strand of her hair.

Taking back her gaze, Bertha asked in a coquettish tone, "Max, what can I do for you?"

Her voice was so soft that even Leila couldn't help trembling. Feeling the reaction of the little woman in his arms, Max narrowed his eyes and said indifferently, "Someone paid murders to kill people without succeeding. According to our criminal law, this person will be sentenced to more than eight years' imprisonment."

Bertha's face turned pale. When she met the man's deep gaze, she was startled. After a while, she responded, "Max, what are you talking about?"

Without waiting for her to finish her words, Max threw a USB on the table to her and said indifferently, "look at it by yourself."

She looked at the USB in her hand, and then the recording of her phone with the man who drove the car to bump into Rosa was heard. Bertha's blood was frozen. She looked at the Max in horror. If the recording was spread out, she would be done!

Max was still fiddling with Leila 's hair. Listening to the conversation between them quietly, Leila thought about the cause and effect of the car accident and then knew that it was Bertha who had caused Rosa's accident.

With a pale face, Bertha said in a trembling voice, "Max, please listen to me. It was Spencer who instructed me to do this!"

Under this circumstance, she could no longer hide the thing between her and Spencer. Although she would never come back to Max if he knew this thing, she had to give up him for survival.

After all, Bertha is just a woman. Although she is capable, she doesn't have

ber who is your master. Don't hurt him."

Leila's body trembled a little, and Max looked at her expression with satisfaction. He took back his hand that was playing with her hair, and then she got up from his arms and stood quietly aside, waiting for him to speak.

"For what happened today, I'll let you go. But if it happens again."

He suddenly stopped speaking. Leila's palms were full of cold sweat. She said in a low voice, "I know."

Max was so clever that he could guess that someone had deliberately dragged her into the pond. What she had been punished was not only her carelessness, but also her carefree attitude towards Charles!

With his eyes growing deeper, he said in an indifferent tone, "you go back first."

After hearing it, Leila turned around and left. It was not until she entered the elevator that she suddenly felt relieved. She was set up by someone. As for whether it was Bertha or not remains to be verified, yet there was one thing for sure, that was, Astrid must be involved, and she was allied with the planner of the trap.

Leila's eyes turned cold. The elevator opened and a familiar figure came into her sight. She heard a nice voice, "Leila?"

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