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   Chapter 81 Punish Someone As A Warning To Others (Part One)

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Leila's heart beat faster on the way, but she couldn't tell what had happened. Before she returned to the farm, she received a call from Max.

"Come to the company."

As usual, Max's words were brief and to the point, but Leila felt something wrong. She was in a hurry to ask Mr. Zhang to turn around and come to the Mu Group.

Sitting at the desk, Max was writing something with a pen in his hand, and he looked down with a deep gaze as he nodded, which was pretty eye-catching. When Leila came to his office, she saw the scene. Leila raised her hand and knocked on the door.

"Come in," said Max without raising his head.

Leila pursed her lips and walked in. She stood beside him, waiting for his next sentence.

However, it seemed that Max had forgotten her existence and was reading the documents by himself. There was a long time that he did not speak to her. Leila wore a pair of high-heeled shoes, and when she moved a little, there would be a sound. She kept the same posture in fear of disturbing his work. She felt sore when she stood up.

As time passed, Leila stared at the watch in front of her. It had been an hour since she came here. Standing for too long, she almost had cramps in her shins, and a trace of paleness rose on her delicate face.

Max finally had an action. He swept his gaze across her face with deep emotions in his eyes.

"Are you tired?"

Leila licked her dry lips and said gently, "I'm not tired."

The latter nodded and said nothing. After a few seconds of silence, he said, "explain."

Leila's heart skipped a beat when she saw a stack of photos of her and Charles taking out from a file pocket aside. They were taken in the morning when she was almost hit by a car and pulled over by Charles. There was no extra thing happened, yet

ps paused, which caused a frown of dissatisfaction to Max.

Afraid of slacking off, she quickly took back her thoughts and wholeheartedly massaged his temple.

This was the most effective way to relieve fatigue. When Max opened her eyes again, the coldness burst out from the eyes made Leila tremble all over. She continued to massage for him without showing any expression. Max opened his thin lips and asked, "what time is it?"

Leila didn't understand why he still asked her even though the clock was right in front of his eyes. She glanced at the clock and said, "half past three."

A light flashed in Max's eyes. He pressed down Leila's hand and gently pulled her into his arms. With an eye raised, she could see his exquisite chin. Then a voice as low as a cello rang. "The good show should begin."

Leila didn't know what he meant until a burst of rapid footsteps came from the corridor and a beautiful figure came into view. It was Bertha.

When her eyes touched Leila who was in Max's arms, her heart suddenly became cold. She was very familiar with the scene in front of her. It was exactly what Leila had experienced last time, but her and Bertha's roles had exchanged.

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