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   Chapter 79 Inexplicable Coincidences (Part One)

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On the way back to her apartment, Leila was also suspicious of her reaction. In addition to the delay of her period, even she was self-composed, she was a little panic. When passing by a pharmacy, she stopped, licked her lips, and went in to buy a box of contraceptive pills.

She was somewhat slow when it came to their relationship, for she knew clearly about her personality. What Max said was still vivid in her mind, and the agreement between them humiliated her self-esteem. Leila looked down upon it coldly.

The thing she could hardly control was her own heart, which was restless and uncontrollable. Finally, it was poked through ruthlessly by someone. It was her who were looking for trouble got hurt throughout.

She crumpled the box in her hand. When she was about to leave, someone stopped her in front of her. She raised her eyes and looked at the beautiful woman in front of her. With a smile on face, Leila greeted her calmly, "Bertha, what a coincidence."

Compared with Leila's calmness, Bertha was obviously more restless. She did not forget that it was just because of the meeting with Leila that her career in the entertainment industry was almost completely ruined! While Lily who had been defeated by her, to her surprise, had become a first-line star of high status.

"Miss Leila, you are so leisure."

Bertha tried to speak in a calm tone, but the hatred in her tone couldn't be hidden. Leila looked indifferent all the time, and she said, "Miss Bertha, you're the same, aren't you?"

Hearing this, Bertha only felt that Leila was satirizing her. Originally she was a popular star, yet she became so abject that no one dared to ask her to perform today. Wasn't that the "leisure" she meant?

It turned out that Bertha was thinking too much, but Leila did not want to talk to her any more. It was getting late. If she did not return to the apartment, she would suffer a lot. She wanted to find an excuse to refus

range. Why did Max have to make her go back on the words she said yesterday? She had also learned how changeable the man in front of her was. If she contradicted him at the moment, she would always suffer losses no matter whether she won or lost.

Pressing her lips, she drank the water in her hand, and then walked to the dining table to have breakfast. The topic of eating contraceptives was finally taken lightly.

A deep gaze of melody was fixed on her, with a complicated expression on Max's face.

Leila would go to the farm as usual. She could temporarily put aside what happened to the Song Group. She had been attacked too frequently these days, and she was afraid that Johnson had noticed it. At present, the best way for her was to retreat for the sake of advancing. Only after reassuring Johnson's doubt gone could she take the next move.

She arrived at the farm and paced back and forth. After a period of getting along, the employees knew that Miss Leila of the Song Group was a dutiful and responsible woman, and her work was no worse than that of a man.

Isis's impression of Leila was a little different. She had thought that Miss Leila was a spoiled lady, but she didn't expect her to be patient. Tristan, who was always silent, asked, "what do you think? Am I right?"

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