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   Chapter 78 Pregnancy

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It was a very simple choice. Leila pointed at the light with a relatively simple style and said, "that's it. Mr. Mu said, to match the temperament of the farm."

Isis nodded. Noticing that her face was a little pale, she couldn't help but ask, "Miss Song, what's wrong with you?"

As Leila waved her hand and was about to say something, a feeling of nausea surged up in her stomach. She lay at the side, vomiting all the way. After vomiting, she felt she was almost collapse. Isis was frightened by her action. She patted her back and suddenly remembered something. "Miss Song, are you..."

Leila calmed down and stopped on a second thought. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard what Isis wanted to say. She remembered that every time she had sex with Max, neither of them took contraceptive measures when they slept together. Leila was an unmarried woman before, but now she was reminded by Isis that she had calculated her period.

Strangely, it was delayed. Leila's heart beat faster. She said calmly, "it's all right. I just got a little carsickness by taking a car just now."

Isis was dubious. She looked at Leila, pursing her lips and said, "I have something else to do. Thank you for taking care of me."

Isis shook her head and replied, "that's right."

Leila was restless. She didn't know what to do with the pregnancy?

The suburb was not much better than the urban area and the terrain was more remote. So she couldn't get a taxi for a long time. Leila was at a loss when her phone began to vibrate. She looked at the phone, as if finding a savior, and pressed the answer button, a gentle voice came over the phone.

"Leila, where are you?"

"I'm in the suburb now. Could you come and pick me up? I can't call a taxi," she said

On the other side of the phone, Charles answered yes and soon drove to her. Leila was surprised at his speed. It was not hard to imagine how he would drive over in such a short time.

"Why are you here?"

Charles asked. Sitting on the front passenger seat, Leila joked, "I, just like you, have been oppressed by Max."

Her unintentional words fell in the ears of Charles, but in his heart. He tightened lips and frowned without saying anything. When Leila realized that she had said something wrong and she wanted to ease the atmosphere, Charles asked: "do you believe me?"

Leila was stunned by his question for a moment and then said: "of course I believe you."

Her answer was so firm that Charles's eyes and brows became smooth and gentle again. Leila cautiously asked: "what's wrong?"

She knew something had happened to the medical research team of the Mu Group, but she only knew it. The news not only caused a loss to the Mu Group, but also had a great impact on both the reputation of Charles.

Before he came back, he got his PhD from British Medical Academy. He was famous for a successful scientific research project. The name "Charles" was always in the mind of the domestic celebrities.

But now, his first medical research project went wrong. Many people could not help suspecting him. Some people even said that his degree was o


"You're pregnant?" said Max in a cold voice after a long time, with a gloomy look on his face

Leila's pupils shrank sharply. Although she knew Max was well-informed, she was uncertain about it herself. Who could not pass it on?

Leila denied, "No."

After taking a deep look at her, Max walked to her desk, took out a contract that was piled up by documents and handed it to her. "In view of such a possibility in the future, I drew up a contract."

Taking over the file from Leila, Leila began to read it. It was written in black and white that the benefits between the two were clearly included in it, without any hesitation.

It said that even if she gave birth to the baby, he would transfer 20% of shares of the Mu Group to the baby and cover all the expenses of the mother and the son. However, the baby had no right to participate in the Mu Group's family rebirth.

Leila pursed her lips and looked through the contract. Max was so thoughtful that he had planned everything well. He even had the stock she should get and the lawyer in advance when she had a child. Max was calm but ruthless.

"Don't bother. I won't get pregnant."

Her tone was light and slow, making her unable to reveal any of her emotions. Max narrowed his eyes and looked at her expression with a unpredictable expression. He put away the contract and said indifferently, "that's good."

What she didn't expect was that such an accident reminded Max of the contract he drew up. As a result, she became more complacent.

Leila's lips curled into a sardonic smile. She looked into Max's eyes for the first time and stated, "I'm not with you for your money."

Max lifted her chin with her hand, and his handsome face was enlarged. "For power," he said

Leila's face turned pale. She bit her lips and didn't say anything more. Hearing that, Max loosened her chin and said coldly, "go back."

The latter left without saying a word, and he could see her back through the glass. She was very thin, so Max frowned imperceptibly.

She was still so thin after such a long time.

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