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   Chapter 77 Scapegoat (Part Two)

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Leila came back to the Song Group as usual. As for the one hundred million investment that Max later invested, Johnson became more enthusiastic to her. To be honest, if there was nothing in the company to deal with, she would not come to the company to humiliate herself.

As the head of the financial department, Wendi was not involved in this matter. Although Daisy had been aware of it, she had no evidence and the only witness of their action was in jail. So it ended with nothing.

And the only disadvantage was that, Daisy paid more attention to her and knew that she was not the same Leila as she used to be. If she wanted to play tricks on Daisy in the future, she would think it over.

When Leila went back to her office, Freddy came up to her and made a gesture of invitation for her, but she closed the door quietly.

With a flattering smile on his face, Freddy said, "Miss Leila, I won't fail you. I have convinced all the shareholders. You can rest assured."

Leila raised her eyebrows and said happily, "Mr. Zhou, how should I thank you?"

"It's not a big deal. Don't worry about it," Madeline said with a smile

Knowing it was polite, Leila continued to bite his appetite and said, "as you know, Mu Group has been in a mess recently. I'm afraid the director's work will be delayed."

Freddy dazed for a second and said, "no hurry. I'm glad that you still remember what I did before."

Hearing what they said, Leila felt a surge of disgust. Freddy was a man who knew which way to go. Now that Leila's things were settled, he didn't need to hold her in his arms anymore. Then he left after saying goodbye to Leila.

Leila gazed at his back until it was out of sight. Then she stood up and went to the office of Mr. Dong.

During the days when Leila was away, Bernal Dong was in charge of the Song Group company and he had to dea

take a taxi to the farm today."

Leila raised her eyebrows. Mr. Zhang had been her private driver since she stayed with Max. Even Mr. Zhang was not allowed to pick up Max. What was going on today?

Without waiting for her question, Mr. Zhang added, "Miss Bai will be discharged from the hospital today. Mr. Mu told me to pick her up."

'Rosa will leave the hospital? Thinking of that rainy night, Leila bit her lips and said, "I know. You can go."

With an apologetic smile, Mr. Zhang nodded and drove away.

In fact, it was the same thing that they didn't send her back. The skill they drove was only good and bad. The taxi driver drove very bumpily all the way until they arrived at the farm. Leila felt very uncomfortable, covered her stomach. Several days had passed and the farm almost changed. The staff of the Mu Group were very efficient. In less than two months, they had built a farm.

Seeing Leila, Isis walked up to her and said, "Miss Song, you come at the right time. I have a materials that I don't know which one to use."

Holding back the terrible pain in her stomach, Leila thought in her mind that the driver was really not good at driving. After calming down, she looked at the documents handed by Isis.

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