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   Chapter 74 Trouble Is Coming (Part One)

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When Max returned to his apartment, Leila was talking to Wendi on the phone. Normally, Wendi was quiet and not talkative. But in front of her, her voice was quite different from that of other women. Her voice was crisp and low, not as low as that of average women. It was low, but with an inexplicable sense of relief.

After going through the cooperation that day, their relationship seemed to get closer to each other. They were not limited to the cooperation relationship. At least she would talk about her own state to Wendi.

This was her first friend she had in the company. Though they were not very close, they had a lot in common. Most of the time, she would listen to Wendi in a low voice, as if Wendi was telling a story. Leila listened quietly and talked with her from time to time.

She spent her boring time in her apartment without Max coming back. It had nothing to do with Wendi.

Hearing the sound of pushing the door in, Leila said hastily, "I'm hanging up."

Without waiting for Wendi's reply, she hung up the phone, turned around and said obediently, "you're back."

Max looked at her indifferently and asked, "who are you talking to?"

Leila answered honestly, "Wendi."

Knowing that Max didn't know Wendi, Leila added, "I just know a friend of mine in the Song Group."

"Is there anything wrong with what happened today?" said Max, while taking up the newspapers on the table

Leila shook her head, with joy and complacence on her face. She was a witty girl that was in keeping with her age, which was rare to see. She said: "there is no accident at all. I will make a fool of him by watching Mr. Qian tomorrow."

Max didn't say anything, and his mind seemed to be attracted by t

e man sat in the office with his arms crossed. He looked at the man in front of her with a poker face, but taught the man to soften his legs in an instant and kneel down at the risk of danger.

"Tell me, did you do it?"

The man in front of Max was exactly the patriarch of the medical research team of the Mu Qi group. He was not the one who was at odds with Charles due to his joining. Flynn said in a trembling voice, "Mr. Mu, you wronged me. It's really not me!"

Flynn's face turned red because of anger. He was in a high spirit with confidence. When Max glanced at him and glanced at him, Flynn was taken aback. He stuttered, "Mr. Mu, our medical research team has been all right. But when Charles was added in the first batch, the problem occurred. Because the problem is not big, we haven't told you! "

After a pause, he said, "but this time, there will be a life-threatening medical accident. Mr. Mu, we must kill Charles!"

Staring at Flynn motionlessly and not replying, Max's heart quivered as if he was watching a none of the business drama. Then he said, "one day, admit it or tell the judge on court, it's your choice."

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