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   Chapter 73 The Investment Contract

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Just as the name suggested, it was an investment contract. The investor was Max, and the beneficiary was Johnson. It said that he would invest one hundred million in the horse farm that the Song Group was about to build.

When Leila saw this, she didn't understand what was going on with the money that Max had spent. With a frown, she asked, "why do you invest in the Song Group again?"

Max fixed his eyes on the financial newspaper in hand, and replied without raising his head, "start from here, get the loopholes in the financial resources you want."

Leila suddenly realized what was happening. She had difficulty in rigging the money in hands of Johnson. But it was different for Max's investment. Yet she also needed to seize the opportunity. Once the money was absorbed by the account, everything would be in vain.

A word to the wise is sufficient. In particular, Max was fond of her intelligence. But sometimes, it was not a good thing to be too smart. For example, last night, after she saw through the relationship between him and Rosa, she preferred to suffer from cold outside than come into embarrassment.

Then, Max moved his eyes from the newspaper to Leila, who was having breakfast. Leila wasn't surprised by the habits developed from her childhood, and Max drew back his gaze with satisfaction when Leila was eating in an elegant manner.

He became more interested in this lovely "cat".

After the breakfast, Leila went away in Mr. Zhang's car with a contract in her hand. She was a little nervous. This was the first step for her to officially take action in the Song Group. She must win!

Leila squinted. Thinking of the words that Max said to her in the morning, she felt secured for no reason, as if plus Max, there will be positive number. Max always assumed a large positive number. After all the negative matters occurred, Max served as a part of the offset, and finally the matter would be settled satisfactorily.

Holding the contract tightly in her hand, she arrived at the company. When she got out of the car, there were always many people's attention on her. She was proud and elegant in manner. Not far away from her, Daisy clenched her teeth. Seeing Leila entering the company in extreme demeanor, the hatred in Daisy's heart almost made her shiver.

Why could Leila enjoy all the popularity, even after she had gone through a lot of things? Why was she still so arrogant.

While passing by her, Wendi glanced at her calmly but with a strange look. Wendi held Daisy's shivering glass which was about to fall on the ground, and then Daisy looked at Wendi with a sneer, "you're really willing to help."

If she remembered correctly, Wendi was the one who sent Leila to the infirmary last time. After squinting, Wendi looked up and said lightly, "you're wrong."

Daisy was confused. Wendi looked at her and said slightly, "I only feel happy to help the 'people'."

She stressed the word 'people' while saying that. And all of a sudden, the water glass in her hand, which she was holding, fell down to the ground. Daisy did not understand it at all. Now seeing Wendi's act, no matter how stupid she was, she could know that it was a hint.

The broken glass of water d

a rage. Now she could only wait and see.

When she returned to her office, she received a call from Max, who kept a low voice on the other end of the phone.


Leila said, "Yes."

The simple question left Leila speechless. There was silence at the other end of the phone. Knowing she wouldn't hang up, Max put the phone aside and began to review the documents, leaving the rustling of flipping through the files on the other side of the phone.

She frowned and looked at the screen of her mobile phone, which was still twitching, with a strange expression on her face. She wondered whether Max did it on purpose or unintentionally?

Leila didn't know the result of that. She spent the afternoon with the roar of the phone. When she looked at the time, it was four o'clock in the afternoon. It seemed that Max felt her movement and the roar at the other end of the phone also disappeared. Then there came a deep and pleasant male voice.

"Go back,"

Leila shivered at his sudden voice. Frightened by his sudden cold voice, she answered lightly, "I know."

At the end of the call, Max's fingers stroked the screen of the phone, and his eyes narrowed.

Robert who had been standing by, stepped forward, put the cellphone in his hand on the table, and said in a neither humble nor pushy tone, "during the working hours, five private calls were received, one of which is from Rosa, and the other are all from Grady."

"How about the car accident I asked you to investigate?" asked Max in an indifferent tone, with his eyes shining

Hearing that, Robert pursed his lips and said in a medium speed, "Someone is so skilled that no trace has been left."

"That is to say, you have no idea how to continue?" Though Max's tone was indifferent, but Robert could clearly feel a piercing chill.

Having been with Max for so long, Robert naturally knew that it was the sign of his anger. Robert nodded slightly and said, "please give me one more day."

Hearing that, Max stood up and released a menacing aura all of a sudden. With a few words, he left straight.

"I want to see the accurate document on the desk tomorrow."

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