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   Chapter 72 Carry Out The Plan (Part Two)

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Having been immersed in the great change of his emotions, Max was unable to get rid of it. Grady was always the first one to arrive in a hurry. For so many years, if Max still couldn't figure out how much Grady appreciated Rosa, then their friendship during these years would be wasted.

Grady was no longer gentle and elegant as he used to be. He anxiously asked, "how about Rosa?"

"She is in the emergency room," said Max in a hoarse voice, frowning.

Last time, she had deceived him into a hospital by taking advantage of her heartache. However, it was found out by Max. Yet he didn't expose it. He had thought that Rosa had planned the same trick when he got the phone call, but when he arrived at the hospital, he learned that there was an ambush in secret this time.

Mr. Zhang said it rained so heavily that he didn't see the plate number clearly, so there was no evidence. Therefore he had to find someone to look for it later.

Did anyone want to take Rosa's life? Or did she offend someone in America?

When the door of the emergency room was opened, Max stood up, yet Grady took half a step forward farther than Max and asked, "doctor, how is the person inside?"

Wearing a mask, the calm doctor was used to facing with life and death. He replied, "don't worry. It's just a large amount of blood. The situation has been controlled and there is nothing serious now."

Grady breathed a sigh of relief. Then he saw Rosa lying on the bed and being pushed into the ward by a nurse. Standing not far away from her, Max was watching without being involved. He was satisfied when the doctor finished his words.

He glanced at Grady as if thinking about something and then turned around to leave when a gentle voice came behind him.

"Where are you going?"

Hearing that, Max's feet paused slightly and sai

figure, which was the dream of many girls. She pursed her lips slightly and thought, 'I have thought too much.' When Leila came to her senses, Max wasn't in the bedroom.

After a quick wash, Max came downstairs to the living room. Sitting at the table as usual, he was reading a financial newspaper, lost in thought. Leila sat opposite him, watching the entertainment news in her hand. The picture seemed to be harmonious.

When they were having a meal, Max asked indifferently, "Did someone bring the document yesterday?"

Leila hurriedly nodded and said, "yes. I'll give it to you right away."

After taking the document from her, Max signed his name quickly and returned it to her hand. "Send this document to your father and let him sign it. Try to make him carry out the plan as soon as possible."

Leila was confused by his words, and Max's face was cold. He saw through her expression and asked, "didn't you see the investment contract last night?"

Leila shook her head, "I thought it was a contract of Mu Group."

Max looked at her with a complicated expression and spat out a word concisely, "look."

The latter one didn't dare to slack off. She began to look through the contract in a hurry.

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