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   Chapter 71 Carry Out The Plan (Part One)

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Max stared at the little woman sitting next to him. With her almond eyes, there is a hint of dissatisfaction in her clear eyes, even though she concealed her emotions well.

He pursed his lips and squinted at her, "you don't believe me?"

Leila was shocked. After getting along with each other for a while, she knew how dangerous this question was. So she said with the gentlest voice: "I just think it will bother you all the time. It's not good."

It was rare to hear this in his life. In the past, when women had sex with him, they were more ambitious, far more distant than the sea and she was the first one to say the word 'bother'.

This made Max come to realize that she was still suppressed when she promised to be his woman. There was a strange feeling in his heart. He looked at her lightly and looked at her vigilance, which just like a startled cat facing a jackal.

"It's your duty as my woman."

He meant it, indirectly indicating that he wasn't alienated from her. He caught her point, and she would do whatever he asked as long as he was the center of her.

Leila had already acquiesced in his arrangement. She nodded and said obediently, "I see."

Since Max had spoken up, she didn't need to worry about it. She picked up the fruit beside her and began to peel its skin wearily. Then she was supporting her chin with her hands and watching entertainment news on TV.

Sitting on the other side of the sofa, Max was answering a phone call with someone. Leila didn't care about his work but some words were flowing to her.

"Draft the contract for the investment."

His voice had a special magnetic feature. When she was in college, Leila was an anchor. She thought her voice was excellent, but it was not worth mentioning in front of Max. This man had a lot of things better than her.

So she habitually tended to be partial to him, t

In fact, she had already got a rough idea that this investment contract should be prepared to the Song Group. After thinking for a while, she decided to put it aside.

Robert's sudden appearance reminded her of a person, who she seemed to know well in the school broadcast club. If her memory served her right, that person was Wendi.

It was not impossible for her to work with Wendi in the same club as their university was same. She just didn't have a deep impression of Wendi at that time. Now when she saw Wendi, she totally forgot. If it wasn't for the appearance of Robert bringing some impression to her, she might not remember Wendi all her life.

The memory of a person was limited. It was known that organizing and deleting properly were the keys to the work of one's brain.

For Leila, tonight was undoubtedly a pleasant one, but for Max it was a heavy one.

He received a call from Mr. Zhang. He said that Rosa was hit by a car when she got out of the car and was being rescued in the hospital.

He was no longer as affectionate as he was to Rosa seven years ago. However, the love between them in the past twenty years couldn't be erased overnight. He was engulfed by panic, but strangely, he didn't feel sorry for her.

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