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   Chapter 70 Set A Trap (Part Two)

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She didn't want to get into the trouble, so she didn't want to get into the room. The rain fell on the eaves and fell like a curtain of rain, beating happily. The ground trembled with the cold. Leila held her arms and squatted in front of the door. She preferred to wait outside than staying in the room awkwardly.

However, it seemed that Max didn't notice Leila at all. While Rosa was still talking about her childhood, he checked the time subconsciously and frowned.

Why hasn't she come back yet?

"Max, you were so different from who you are now..."

As Rosa spoke, she was still lost in her memory. When he raised his hand and saw the time on his wristwatch, she finally withdrew her mind. With a slight smile on her face, she asked in a low voice, "Max, are you waiting for someone?"

"It's time for her to come back," said Max, looking at her indifferently

Even if there was no clear explanation about who was "her", who could live in the Max's apartment in the D city?

She looked a little pale, but still maintained a graceful smile. She whispered, "make a call and ask?"

Hearing that, Max pursed his lips and said, "it's getting late. I'll ask Mr. Zhang to send you back."

Rosa opened her mouth, trying to say something. But he stopped her, so she said, "okay."

"Retreat for the sake of advancing" was her strategy seven years ago, and also her current one. Compared to her great success seven years ago, this time, Rosa was not in a certainty. On the contrary, she was a little uneasy. And this uneasiness came from a woman, who was Leila that Max was talking about.

Max walked to the door of the apartment and stopped. A complex emotion surged in his eyes. He looked at the little woman squatting on the ground in front of him. She didn't seem to be aware of his existence. She stretched out her small white hands and met with the rain.

Although t

Max stared at her deeply. He had thought that she was going to say something, but it turned out to be a pen account. He took the draft from her hand, glanced over it coldly, and said in a disdainful tone, "it seems that you really think your father is a fool."

Leila knew that her plan was not perfect, but she felt extremely uncomfortable when it was poked through by him like this. She lowered her eyes without saying anything. A glimmer appeared in Max's eyes. He said in an indifferent tone, "money loopholes are not something you can make with your tricks."

Leila still didn't utter a word, sitting there quietly. Max didn't notice that he, who had always been silent, would say so many words.

"By then, you will not only fail to achieve your goal, but also expose yourself."

Leila raised her eyes and asked with a vanity, "what should I do?"

"Let me help you," said Max, fiddling with her hair with his fingers.

As Max said, Leila was too naive in thinking about the money loophole. The head of the financial department was able to make money for so many years without being discovered, which meant that he had very strong hidden means and defensive capabilities. Even if she had any plans, she couldn't find a way to take action.

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