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   Chapter 69 Set A Trap (Part One)

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 6434

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When Leila was deep in thought, sitting on the sofa, Max had a noble posture with his legs crossed.

When she came back to her senses, she couldn't help but be a little stunned at the scene in front of her. Then she lowered her eyes, and the lovely behavior of her was not pretended anymore. It was as natural as her nature.

Max squinted, and his eyelashes were slightly closed, giving out a tinge of danger. He opened his thin lips and said, "don't you say anything to thank me?"

To be honest, she really thought that she should not thank him. If he alerted the enemy in an instant, her stay in the Song Group afterwards would be like on thin ice. It was better for her to transfer the shares little by little in view of security.

But who was the man in front of her? Max, in the whole D city, as long as he said a word, the sky would change. She still abandoned her pride and whispered, "thank you."

Hardly had she finished speaking, she fell into his arms, with a blazing temperature on her waist. Leila bit her lips slightly red, and heard a low and hoarse voice of Max.

"You are not sincere enough."

Before she could say something, her lips were tied by someone. Leila subconsciously tried to escape, but thinking of his temperament, she gave up. So she had to let him do whatever he wanted. After a long time, she finally could breathe.

The voice sounded even lower and hoarser.

"This is called gratitude. Do you understand?"

Leila pursed her lips and didn't say a word. The numbness on her lips made her uncomfortable. She frowned slightly and found that Max was staring at her. His eyes were long and deep, with a kind of mood that she couldn't understand, and he looked beautiful.

Being stared at by Max for a while, Leila felt nervous and asked in a low voice: "what's wrong?"

Max stared intently at Leina for a long time before he turned his head and did not answer. A trace of weirdn

rtment of the Song Group."

The man over the phone paused, and then said calmly, "don't do anything for the time being. Discuss with me when you go back."

Leila agreed. After hanging up the phone, she was in a trance that Max didn't blame her for not answering the phone. She secretly scolded herself for being a peevish person and even put the key point in wrong.

In fact, it was not bad to have a discussion with Max. At least, every conversation with him wouldn't be in vain, and the things Max had learned were far more than what she knew. In a sense, Max was definitely her teacher.

She pressed her lips and glanced at the plan that she had spent the whole afternoon. Then she stopped thinking and stood up, ready to go back to the apartment.

The weather was bad today. It was overcast, as if it was going to rain. As expected, as soon as she entered the apartment, it began to rain cats and dogs. The rain of summer came fiercely, without any sign of foreboding.

She wiped away the water that had been splashed on her body. When she was about to enter the house, through the slightly open door and saw a white figure inside, she could not help but stop and compressed her lips. Every time where Rosa appeared, Max's discipline would always be somewhat strange.

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