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   Chapter 68 Share Transfer

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Looking at the girl in front of her, Wendi felt something different in her eyes and said, "I believe you."

With a faint smile on her face, Leila said, "I'll help you make the Song Group go bankrupt. But not really. I'll transfer all the shares out. Do you understand what I mean?"

Wendi nodded, "do you want to take back the company that belongs to your grandfather?"

As soon as Wendi finished speaking, they heard someone asking, "what are you doing here?"

Leila's face turned cold. She turned around and stared at Daisy. She didn't know how much Daisy has heard about the talk between her and Wendi. Leila fixed her eyes on Daisy and said slowly, "We are discussing how to destroy the Song Group."

Daisy heard the words and sneered, "you are daydreaming."

Hearing that, Leila felt relieved. She smiled and said, "that's right. We are daydreaming. I'd rather think about how to kick you and your daughter out of the Song family."

She blurted out her thoughts directly without hiding anything. Then, Daisy coldly snorted and said, "the road is still long. Let's wait and see."

After saying that, she turned around and left. When Daisy's figure disappeared at the corner, Leila heard a long sigh of relief coming from behind. She turned around and raised her eyebrows, "you almost could not stay here any longer."

After a moment, Wendi asked, "Leila, do you really forget me?"

Hearing this, Leila thought for a while and asked, "I should remember you?"

Hearing that, a faint smile played at the corners of Wendi's mouth, which was not in the form of a smile. She said with no emotion, "forget it. You just need to know that I don't mean to harm you."

Leila raised her eyebrows. To be honest, after so many betrays, she was getting more and more skeptical of her own judgment of people. She couldn't believe anyone around her, even though she didn't feel malice from the bottom of her heart, she still couldn't treat Wendi sincerely.

Step by step, she must consolidate herself so that she could get what she wanted!

Then Leila turned around and walked downstairs. Wendi stared at her back with complicated emotions in her eyes.

"I really have no evil intention. You know, Wendi would never hurt Leila."

She said lightly, as if it had never existed. Then she lowered her eyes, turned around and left.

When Leila went back to her office, Tansy looked up at her, stood up and handed her a piece of paper. Fearing that if she takes a step slower, she would be fired. Leila was satisfied with Tansy's attitude. She took over a piece of paper and said, "Tansy."

Answered Tansy, then Leila continued, "You have given me a big favor on this matter, but this has nothing to do with your work."

After hearing this, the latter answered hastily, "I know, Miss Leila. I won't tell other people about it."

Seeing that Tansy was smart, Leila walked into the office quickly.

It was Wendi's material in her hand. She took a look at it and opened it. After reading it for a moment, she stopped her action. Her eyes were blurred, somewhat absent-minded.

Wendi was born in Mandy alley of D city, a graduate from Chester University. Her parents died from an explosion of a scrap station two years ago. Only her younger brother was left, working in the Song Gr

not appropriate. After all, it's our family affair."

Hearing that, Max froze and said, "Mr. Song doesn't want to go to court, right?"

After being stunned for a while, Johnson understood Max's meaning. He trembled with fear. He pursed his lips and was rendered speechless by a sentence of Max. He could afford a normal case, but he would not know whether he would live or die if he had to get involved in the case of Mu family!

"Mr. Mu is right. Tomorrow I will prepare for the share transfer."

Under this circumstance, he could only go step by step. If he offend Max, he would lose everything!

Leila had been watching them. When Max told Johnson to transfer her mother's shares to her, her eyes almost reddened. She couldn't tell what was on her mind, but the strange feeling made her want to cry.

"Of course, even if the company's shares are transferred, it's still the shares of the Song Group. I'll invest another 500 million in the company. I hope not to be disappointed. I hope we have a good cooperation."

Johnson looked down on Leila and thought that by Leila's ability, even if she had some shares in the company, it wouldn't cause any trouble. He would transfer them to him in the future as long as he had a long way to go!

"Mr. Mu, you are so considerate to Leila. Now that you said so, I can't refuse you anymore. I hope we have a pleasant cooperation."

After saying that, Johnson picked up a glass of wine on the table and drank it all up. To show his respect this time, Max picked up the glass and took a sip.

After everything was set, Johnson left. He came with expectations but returned with disappointment. However, it was a great harvest for him to get the investment of 500 million from Max.

Leila watched Johnson leave with cold eyes.

The share of her mother was only a small part of the Song Group, and the large part still needed to be transferred slowly. What she was worried about was that if they did this now, it would alert the enemy. If Johnson turned around and found that he not only lost the share, but also let she become a small shareholder in the company. If she was suspected, it would be difficult to take action in the future.

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