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   Chapter 67 Meeting With Wendi (Part Two)

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 6249

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After hearing that single syllable, Max's eyes darkened. He no longer troubled her, withdrew his palm, took over the contract in her hand, carefully read it, and then said, "let's meet your father tomorrow."

"Oh." Leila replied. Then, Max rested his head, and looked at Leila with an indifferent expression in his eyes. After a long time of stalemate, Leila finally couldn't help but ask, "Why are you looking for him?"

A smile appeared at the corners of Max's mouth, which could not be noticed by anybody, because her cute action made him feel happy without reason. Her curiosity was like a cat, and he guessed that she would ask about it. So he replied, "you'll know it tomorrow."

Leila didn't worry that Johnson would disobey Max. If he knew that Max offered to find him, he would probably be too excited to sleep. People like him who seized the moral high position were easy to get along with.

When Leila was deep in thought, the maid had sent the plate to her. Max glanced at the fruit on the table and said indifferently, "you have eaten a lot all day. Why aren't you fat?"

Leila wanted to instantly bring an electronic scale to him and tell him that since she promised to be his woman, in less than a month, she gained five pounds of weight! Although it was not obvious in appearance, but it was always true that the weight was there.

She replied gently, "no, I did gain some weight."

Looking around her body, Max finally fell on her undulating chest. His eyes were deep, and everything was self-evident.

With a darkened face, Leila didn't dare to say anything. Suddenly, she was carried on someone's shoulder. She screamed, but then immediately kept silent. She always remembered that Max didn't like noise.

When she was carried by Max to the bedroom and closed the door, her fate was doomed to be locked in the bedroom tonight.

The sun

ice, which had never been flat, was somewhat out of control. She said, "it's none of your business. I just want the Song Group to go bankrupt!"

Leila was surprised. Although she also wanted the Song Group to go bankrupt, that wasn't her ultimate goal. If the company was destroyed by Wendi, how could she take back its shares? Thinking of this, she coughed behind her.

Hearing that, Wendi was stunned for a while. Then she turned around slowly and looked gloomy. Leila paused for a while and said, "I know your purpose."

"And then? Kicking me out of the Song Group? "

Leila took a deep look at her and said, "on the contrary, I'll help you."

Wendi was surprised. Then she said with a sneer, "the daughter of Song Group helped me to make Song Group closed down. How could you tell such a naive lie?"

Leila bit her lips and said, "if the Song Group was left by her grandfather, her father would have taken it as his own possession, and her mother would have been in a vegetative state."

Leila asked in a calm tone. She looked at sincerely, but Wendi was shocked by her words. Wendi looked at Leila with a strange look and asked, "do you have any evidence to prove it?"

"An inexperienced mother lying in bed in the hospital."

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