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   Chapter 66 Meeting With Wendi (Part One)

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Leila's heart sank. He was up to an extravagant price, but his offer of selling the small factory to the Mu Group was also a perfect opportunity for her. The method was to get the Song Group back, bit by bit!

After thinking for a while, she said, "well, I don't know if Mr. Mu will agree or not. After all, his family is big and has many material factory. If he doesn't accept them, I can ask him for you."

Shocked by her words, Johnson almost forgot that the opponent he was facing was a company that was powerful in South Sea region. If he refused to take the small money, it was useless to put it in his hand anyway. So he might as well give it to him to make a favor. Thinking about it, he said, "Leila, you are right. I don't want the profit. I just give the small factory to Mr. Mu, which is also a small part of the power. Thank you. "

Leila didn't expect that he would not take a penny. He paid a lot in order to please Max. But if he continued to be defeated like this, ten Song Groups were not enough for him to be defeated!

"In that case, I'll tell Mr. Mu that thank you for him."

Leila said with a smile. It was definitely not something rash for Johnson. She raised her eyebrows complacently. A while later, Leila asked, "when will you draw up a transfer contract, father?"

"Almost off duty. I'll have someone make a contract for you and inform Mr. Mu after you go back." replied Johnson

Seeing how anxious he was, Leila felt nauseated. She suppressed her disgust and said, "okay."

Johnson's intention to please Max was obvious, but how could she take back the contract if it was in Max's hands? She had thought to get the contract from Max. Now it seemed that everything was out of control.

When the contract was delivered, Leila frowned and Johnson said, "what? Is there a problem? "

Leila realized her gaffe and hurried to explain, "No. but my arm s

ething to tell you."

Waiting for her answer, Leila continued, "Johnson sent you a small factory. This is a contract to transfer."

While saying, she handed the contract on the table over to Max. After looking through it casually for a while, he said, "you've signed it."

Shocked, Leila said reflexively, "I'll sign it?"

Max glanced at her indifferently, "I'm not interested in this thing, so are you?"

Leila hurriedly waved her hands, "no, I'm interested!"

Looking at her eager to deny, a strange look flashed through Max's eyes. He said indifferently, "if you don't sign it, then return it."

Leila signed her name as soon as she heard it. When she saw the contract with her name on it, she could not help but feel excited. She had been considering how to make Max give up company to her, so he took the initiative to ask.

This change made her ecstatic. Although it was only a small factory, it was fortunate that she still had a big step ahead to take the Song Group back!

Max's hands were placed on her waist, and then warm breaths were heard, and a low and hoarse voice came into her ears.

"What do you think of the job?"

Leila's face flushed scarlet, but she dared not ignore his answer. After a while, she answered, "yes."

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