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   Chapter 65 Show Up Again (Part Two)

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Leila didn't feel at ease. It was not that she was suspicious, but that after all these things she had gone through, she had to be more vigilant. She glanced at the girl's name tag and said, " Wendi, you can turn to me at any time if you need help. Just take it as a thank you for helping me this time."

She didn't like to owe other people anything. After all, in this situation, it was better to do less thing than to do something unexpected. As long as she was clear with her relationship, she would be less trouble in the future.

Wendi looked at her weirdly and said calmly, "what a stubborn old woman."

Leila was a little depressed by her words. She had been used to stubborn. But how, she was getting old.

It turned out that women didn't like being called old. Looking at Wendi's receding figure, Leila wanted to hit the wall.

Wendi was a strange person. She was in her twenties and didn't like joking. She always kept a straight face and looked indifferent. If she was not good at work, she would have been fired by her boss. But it was because of her strong ability that even the top boss wouldn't dare to say anything.

Leila looked at the documents in her hand and felt confused. She found that there was no information about the background information of Wendi at all. She was cautious about everything and in case of any emergency, so she transferred the materials to her. However, the materials only recorded some performance in the company, and nothing else.

She couldn't help but feel anxious. It seemed that she still needed to know more about this woman.

When Leila went back to her office, Tansy cast a glance at her and said, "Miss Leila, why haven't you gone to chairman's office yet?"

It was not until then that Leila realized that Johnson was waiting for her. Taking a

idn't know much about how to cook. Let me see if I can help."

After a pause, Leila smiled mysteriously and said, "father, I really need your help."

Hearing this, Johnson's eyes brightened. No matter what kind of trouble she was in, the profits of the farm would be involved as long as she spoke out. Since they had started the business, they were afraid that they couldn't get a share of the profits of the farm?

With a crackling sound of his calculation, a trace of disgust flashed across Leila's eyes, but soon disappeared. She said, "when interior decoration is done, I will worry about the materials that others need. Our company has a small factory, doesn't it? I want to use our own material. "

Hearing this, Johnson thought it was a good thing. The factory was left by Leila's grandpa, whose profit was really small, and he was still worried about it. He might as well transfer it to the Mu Group. He said, "I think you can help. Since Mr. Mu needs it, I'll try my best to help her no matter how big the problem is! How about this? For your convenience, I will sell the small factory to Mr. Mu at a loss. We only charge 10% of the profits after the farm is finished. What do you think? "

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