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   Chapter 64 Show Up Again (Part One)

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When Leila went back to the Song Group, the employees were still looking at her with the same eyes as usual, which she had already been used to. In comparison to the respect of the employees in the Mu Group, the explicit manner of the Song Group was really nothing at all.

She felt that the Song Group was downhill under the leadership of Johnson. Her eyes grew colder and colder. She must get the company as hard as she could. Otherwise, not only the company's culture would be ruined, but even the Song Group could not survive in D city.

She proudly raised her chin and walked into the office. As Freddy hadn't seen Leila for many days, he immediately flew over like a fly. "Miss Leila, long time no see," he said in a flattering tone

Leila nodded with a polite smile, "I haven't seen Mr. Zhou for a long time. How are you?"

"And do the same thing like before. To be honest, I'm a little tired of it," Freddy continued after a moment's hesitation

His tone sounded half serious and half joking. Leila was a smart girl. She raised her eyebrows and said: "it's true that Mr. Zhou's ability hasn't worked hard in the logistics department. If you don't like it, I'll ask my dad to help you get a new position."

When he heard that she didn't mention about it on Max, Mr. Zhou felt embarrassed and said, "Miss Leila, you are a wise person, so you should know what I want you to do for me..."

Leila raised her eyebrows and said, "of course I know. But if I can't gain a foothold in the company, I don't have any jetton at hand, together with no power in speaking. I just want to help, but I can't do it well."

After hearing her words, Freddy was stunned. It was known to all that Max didn't like any flattery and compliment. In addition, his company didn't allow any employees to get into the company through some backdoor jobs. After

t her into hell.

"Several days ago, in a farm accident, I broke my arm. I think the media should have exposed it."

Even when she was telling the truth, there was no trace of pride in her tone. When the employees heard this, they immediately understood. Two days ago, it was indeed a farm accident under the Mu Group, and Leila was injured, and had a special relationship with the Max, so it was headline.

No one would like to make a false countercharge. This was only a self-act. Daisy looked at Leila, gnashing her teeth in anger, and turned around to run away.

Leila was taken into the infirmary by the girl, and then she said kindly, "thank you for helping me."

The girl was only twenty years old and she had a pretty face. She looked at Leila and said indifferently, "stop pretending. I know you're not hurt."

Leila raised her eyebrows. She looked at Leila vigilantly. Leila didn't get hurt that time. The media had been exaggerating the accident on the farm. Leila just had a fever. But since she knew she wasn't injured, why didn't her expose it?

What's her plan?

The girl turned around and said, "don't worry. Since I didn't expose you at that time, I won't do it again in the future. Just let me be."

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