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   Chapter 62 The Preliminary Draft Is Over (Part One)

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Leila raised her eyebrows. Seeing that the theme of the topic had been shifted to her, and that Orange had even come to a conclusion so rigid, she couldn't help but feel funny. They were business veterans. The way they sent people away with this inferior technique was simply not presentable.

What's more, he was facing a fierce man like Max. She quietly waited for Max's answer, indicating that everything was under the control of Max. Max's face was dark, but he did not expect Leila to do such a thing.

The atmosphere was kind of awkward. Leila waited quietly, receiving different looks from different angles and from different angles. One of them was full of inquiry. She looked at the man and met with Moore.

"Go by yourself."

Max's words brought her mind back to reality. She looked at Orange embarrassed smile through the steps he gave her, and then sat obediently next to him. Looking at Leila with a dark face, he turned around and walked out of the room.

This woman was not simple!

Leila looked at the people in the room in silence, having a panoramic view of every one's mood, as if enjoying a visual feast. If she looked away, it seemed that she still want more.

"Max, I met uncle yesterday. He asked us to go back to the Mu family together."

Her gentle voice echoed in the room, sending a sense of delight to everyone. As Rosa was speaking, Grady kept fixing eyes on her. Leila raised her brows and sensed something fishy.

Hearing what Rosa said, a ripple of ripples appeared in Max's deep eyes. He said in an indifferent tone, "he is not very smart."

Rosa did not knowing why, Max continued, "perhaps he thought of you as Leila."

To some extent, it was the first time for Max to call her name. She rep

the woman just now, who had the cunning without concealing and was very obedient in front of Max.

"With Miss Song?"

Hearing what he said, Leila agreed without hesitation, which surprised Moore. Then he calmed down and made a phone call. A car came soon.

Despite Moore's cold personality, he was a gentleman in fact. At least, he would hold the umbrella for her. Leila raised her eyebrows and got into the car.

"Aren't you afraid that Max will misunderstand you if he knows you got on my car?"

Leila took a deep look at him and said, "it depends on whether Mr. Mo is willing to be misunderstood."

Moore's eyes froze and then he gave out a rare smile.

In fact, Leila was also a little worried. After all, Moore and his friends wanted her to leave Max, so it was possible for them to create a conflict by taking advantage of this opportunity.

She bet that the way Moore looked at her was different from the other two.

As a result, she won in the gambling.

After sending her back to her apartment, Moore left without saying a word. When Andrew came back at night, she knew that Moore was different from others except for his pale face.

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