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   Chapter 61 Another Treacherous Banquet (Part Two)

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When Leila went downstairs, she felt the atmosphere was strange. She looked at the maid who had her eyes down, and then looked at Max which was smiling, confused.

"I'll change it for Mr. Mu right now!"

The maid's voice sounded trembling, and Max stopped tapping the table. He put the newspaper on the table. Leila suddenly caught a glimpse of it.

The bold black lines in the newspaper clearly showed that she was kidnapped that day!

Who revealed the secret? And they also took the photos at that time. From the angle, it seemed to be taken in secret. That was to say, someone had informed the reporters at that time? Once this matter was out, there would definitely be a uproar outside, among which the most affected public opinion was the Mu Group.

Now it was clear that it was only Spencer who wanted the Mu Group to have trouble. He had made two preparations, which should be he who arranged the paparazzi in advance, and he should be the one who made the headline of the news.

"It seems that someone wants to embarrass me."

His tone was flat, but Leila sensed a strong sense of hostility. The maid beside had long been scared to death, thinking that the "someone" he mentioned was her, so she bowed and apologized repeatedly.

Leila wanted to think that if it weren't for the fact that she was begged, she would kneel down to the ground without any hesitation.

"Pay the salary to the Mr. Zhang."

The maid's point was obvious. Leila sighed in her heart. They had known each other for a long time. The maid knew what kind of person Max was. She didn't want to pretend to be insignificant, and left silently.

It was undeniable that Leila thought of her, and this method was like a warning to others. Inexplicabl

ortable when he looked at her with cold eyes, she could tell from his words that he still had feelings for her.

The look on her face returned to normal. Rosa was confident that she would get back to him without love and she would not hate him. This was a good expression. She kept comforting herself and looked at Max with affection.

Max passed her without any hesitation and brought Leila to the sofa next to her. She crossed her slender legs, squinted at them before asking in a calm voice, "what are you waiting for?"

Hearing that, many people took their seats, led by Max and Leila.

"Max, it's not a good idea,"

The man Grady said. He was the silent man in Leila's memory. Now that he said so, it meant that what Max did today really surprised them and disagreed.

"Why not?"

Said Max coldly. Everyone present was familiar with him, so they could easily understand the danger in his words. Grady pressed his lips, pushed the eyes on the bridge of his nose, and stopped talking.

Seeing this, Orange hurried out to mediate the dispute. He stood up and said, "Miss Song, Max's cake is supposed to be done. Would you like to join us?"

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