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   Chapter 60 Another Treacherous Banquet (Part One)

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In the end, Leila failed to draw the design sketch. After all, it was impossible for her to draw a complete design draft of the interior design of the farm in an afternoon.

Even if Leila didn't finish it, she found something interesting. When she repeated it, she would correct the mistakes. Although she only finished a third of it, it was more complete than her original one.

If she couldn't understand what was going on with Max, she would be a total fool. Looking at the man who was working hard across the table, Leila's heart skipped a beat. Feeling her gaze, he looked up only to see her hurried retracting her eyes.

"Are you finished?"

He asked in a calm tone. Leila looked at the sketch in her hand and replied lightly, "not yet."

Hearing this, Max put down the documents in his hands and stood up, walking towards her. Seeing his approaching figure, Leila was a little flustered. She quickly handed the sketch to him and said, "look, there's two thirds left."

A trace of difference flashed across Max's deep eyes, and she stopped half a meter away from her. After taking over the sketch in her hand, she swept it over simply and said, "dismiss and redo it."

Leila's eyes widened. The result of her whole afternoon's hard work was denied? A strong unwillingness rose in her heart. She pursed her lips and asked, "what's wrong with it?"

Max stared at him with a cold expression and said succinctly, "it's unnecessary."

Leila was rendered speechless. She took over the sketch he just threw and looked at it. She didn't know whether it was due to her psychological effect or other reasons that the work she had been quite satisfied just now was totally drenched in her eyes. She frowned and looked glum. "Can I quit the indoor design then?"

Even though she was angry,

knew his order was a decree, and the consequences of disobeying a decree would be that she had to pay with her life.

She got up from the bed and simply washed her face and rinsed her mouth. Due to her good figure, she didn't need to dress up much and could go out casually. When she went downstairs, Max glanced at her with a fanaticism in his deep eyes.

Today's Leila was different from her usual workplace style. She wore a mint green knee length long dress, with her long black hair hanging down loosely. She wore a little makeup, looking pure and lovely, but what attracted her was the amorous flirtation in her eyes.

The woman was not only beautiful but also pure. Hearing this, Max looked away, tapping the table with his slender fingers and reading the newspaper.

When the maid served the food to the table, she glanced at it unintentionally, and her face instantly changed. While reading the entertainment newspaper, Max was not interested in it at all, so the newspaper was always divided into two pieces, one financial for Max and the other for Leila.

Today, she even messed up the newspaper. The maid was in a cold sweat on her back. She stood beside, holding her breath.

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