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   Chapter 58 Kidnapping (Part Two)

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He stared at Leila like a serpent. The latter could feel his gaze even if her eyes were covered. Her heart sank and she felt a little uneasy about his gaze.

"I can put you in jail once. That's enough."

Clenching his hands, Max revealed her anger with a slight white at his fingertips. Spencer sneered, "I've already been in there once. Do you think I'll be afraid of doing it again? It's a pity that such a woman will marry Mr. Mu. She must be an enchanting woman. "

Said Max coldly, with a gleam shining in his eyes.

"Don't you dare touch her!"

But his words didn't affect Spencer at all. Leila just felt like being touched by a disgusting snake. She said coldly, "let go of me."

Hearing her voice on the other side of the phone, Max's deep eyes condensed into an icy lake.

"Did you hear that? I can't guarantee you what I will do if you anger me. "

Spencer raised his voice. He pinched Leila's chin and said the threatening words easily. Listening to the long silence on the phone, Spencer suddenly released his hand. Leila couldn't resist the strength. Her neck was twisted by his action, and there was cold sweat on her forehead.

"Cut the crap. I will let her go as long as you transfer the Mu Group to me,"

Max was not satisfied with what Spencer had offered him. The Mu Group was powerful and had countless branches in South Sea. It would be a great loss to the Mu group in a few years if Max gave it to him. He knew well about his brother's capabilities.

He used Max's ID card and transferred Max's shares to his account. He had a slip up and almost made the Mu Group go bankrupt. As a result, his father had been so cruel to kick him out of the family.

Why would Max give his

ring this, Leila wanted to refute. She had her own pride, and she didn't want to be obedient in front of him. For the first time, she said, "in this world, only in front of you will I not fight back."

After hearing that, Max looked at her with a more meaningful look in his eyes. Leila realized that what she had said just now was not like to find an excuse for herself, but more like to give in.

All of a sudden, her face was as red as a ripe apple. She explained, "I mean, I have a temper, too."

After saying that, she felt that she was not right. When she was in a hurry, she didn't know what to do. The military office was examining her expression. A touch of unpredictable emotion flashed across Max's deep eyes. He raised her chin and breathed close to her face. He said in a low voice, "if you can't explain it clearly, you'd better please me with your body."

Leila's face, which had been red with blood, was deeper. Before she could react, she was picked up by someone. Her body had been out of the gravity of the earth for more than once. Her hand subconsciously wrapped around his neck, allowing him to hold her upstairs.

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