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   Chapter 57 Kidnapping (Part One)

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Leila was having a great time these days. Her work went well. Although she had lost her rights with Max, she got along well without maltreatment, not to mention being harassed by others, so she almost had a good time.

What made her happier was that the time she was forbidden to go to the hospital by Max had passed. God knew how suffering she was feeling when she counted the days every day. Leila was so excited that she could see her mother soon.

It was rare to get up early. At 6:30 a.m., Max left the room, followed by her. Mr. Zhang asked in surprise, "Miss Song, why did you get up so early today?"

Leila hurriedly said, "Go to the hospital."

Mr. Zhang knew something about this lady. Knowing that she was going to visit her mother, he didn't stay but took her on this prosperous city.

It was half past six in summer. The sun had risen up, but it was not very strong. Against the sunlight, Leila could not feel the heat at all. The wind from the car window was stroking her arm, making her feel the summer damp air.

Arriving at the hospital soon, Leila opened the door of the ward. She saw her mother in bed and felt relieved. She went to her mother and massaged her body all the time.

There was always an inexplicable bond between mother and daughter. As long as she was with her mother, she was as calm as the person who had nothing at all.

"Mom, I'm sorry. I haven't come to see you for so many days."

She said softly, but Lillian didn't answer her question. She was sleeping quietly. In fact, Leila was afraid that her quiet sleep was giving her an illusion that she would never wake up again.

Her heart skipped a beat. She held the hand tighter for fear that Lillian would really leave as she guessed.

"Mother, I have my own project.

one, "Spencer, you should know the consequence of provoking me."

Hearing this, Spencer could no longer hold back his anger. He said sullenly, "when my father kicked me out of the Mu family, he said the same words. Do you know how much I hate you? You are so self righteous! "

"Where is Leila?" asked Max calmly, without caring about his hysteria

Spencer paused and then burst into laughter.

"Once a hero has a weakness, he is weak! Max, I should thank you for letting me catch your handle. I'll get back everything that belongs to me! "

Only a few people knew that the second son of the Mu family, Spencer, would be the head of the gangster which was regarded as a "malignant tumor". All the people only knew that the eldest son of the Mu family, Max, would have a son under the Mu family's law. As time went by, people thought that the Mu family had only a young master.

Spencer had been living under the Max's rule since he was a child. He was always resisting, but was driven out of the Mu family. Due to his insignificant status, he became mad and crazy. He had become the leader of the gangsters in D City for several years, but no one knew how that happened.

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