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   Chapter 56 The Truth Comes To Light (Part Two)

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Leila looked at him, but Max didn't change his face. She could only look up at him, as his shadow cast over her.

"Stay at home. I will deal with the farm." said Max.

Without waiting for Leila's answer, he turned and left the bedroom. Leila stared at his back, with a mysterious expression on her face.

Because of her injury, Leila didn't go to the farm for several days. But it didn't mean that her life could be peaceful.

She wanted to be quiet, but some crazy dogs barked at her. Even this rare holiday couldn't be peaceful.

The next day in the apartment, she received a phone call from the sharp voice of Daisy.

"Leila, you are such a bitch!"

Leila was somehow the one being scolded. She said coldly, "if I record your words and spread them to the company, what will you do?"

Daisy fell silent immediately. Although she could not see the expression on Daisy's face, she was able to guess that Daisy must be desperate to strangle her at the moment. A sneer appeared at the corners of her mouth. It seemed that Daisy was still unaware of what she was doing.

Leila was no longer the same Leila.

"Is it you who spread the photo of my mother?"

The tone of Daisy was cold. Leila knew that it was no more than she and Astrid knew about the matter. It must be Astrid who knew about it. A trace of coldness swept across her eyes, because she had long known that Astrid was not the choice to cooperate.

"What are you talking about? How could I have a photo of Sophia? Even if I had to consider the feelings of Song family, I would not spread it. "

Leila tapped the table with her fingers. She pretended to be confused and went around with her just in case that Daisy recorded what happened on the other end of the phone.

As she guessed, the recording had been turn

lso committed the crime of intentional injury. He is in court. "

After hearing this, Leila finally understood who had done this. No wonder that Max said that she "trusted someone too much". Now it turned out that she was tricked by group leader Qin.

As for why Tristan believed that she found out the truth, it was obviously the meaning of the Max. She pursed her lips and remained silent. Since Max had made a plan for her, she could not refuse it.

But she still felt a little guilty when facing Tristan's eyes.

The construction of the farm was now getting on track. It was getting more and more stable. Without the help of others, the construction was going very smoothly. If things went on like this, they would be set up in less than a month.

The attitude of the employees toward Leila gradually changed. If she was only a show last week, even if her skills were still women, it was difficult to win everyone's heart. But then, her performance impressed everyone.

She didn't treat herself as a woman at all. Instead, she tried to help men, and gave them better suggestions. It had to be said that the project could be carried out so smoothly and fast with the help of Leila.

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