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   Chapter 54 Encounter Danger

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In recent days, Leila's company was going between the apartment and the farm. She was not in a hurry to handle her business. Mr. Dong, who was stayed by her grandfather, was watching over the company. Leila trusted him. Now, she had to make sure that the construction of the farm was in good control.

Every time when she thought about the future after the construction of the farm, she was excited. Her high fighting spirit and high spirited attitude made Max slightly shocked.

She got up on time in the morning, and exercised good skills under the control of Max. Even after having sex, she could wake up at 8 o'clock on time without the alarm.

With the help of the biological clock, Leila woke up on time again. Max had broken the record. She could still see him when she woke up for three consecutive days. Just like the last two days, she stood up naturally without making any noise. However, after she turned over, she was instantly pulled back by someone.

With a scream, Leila immediately stopped, but what she did still annoyed the people around her. He said, "shut up."

She stared at him with her eyes open, and didn't dare to speak. It was not until there was a sound of steady breath from behind that Leila felt relieved. But she was held in his arms and couldn't move.

"I want to use the bathroom."

Knowing that he was not asleep, Leila said in a very low voice.

Max buried his head in her neck and smelt the good scent of her body, and said in a low and hoarse voice, "Oh."

Leila was speechless, then? It was common that men were in a hurry. Would he refuse to give her that right?

Later it turned out that Max really deprived of her right. After saying that, he no longer spoke and held her until noon.

Leila had to yield to his demands and stayed with him until noon.

And the first thing Max said when he opened his eyes.

"You are still here?"

Leila tried to keep a kind smile, and her heart was almost crashed. She said: "I can't go."

He took a look at her and then loosened his grip. He looked at her back as she rushed out and a smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.

Leila's whole morning and precious time were wasted by Max, even though she didn't have the right to cry in front of him. She ate her breakfast with resentment, and heard him saying indifferently, "stay at home with me in the afternoon."

She knew that Max had a certain day off every month, so she replied in a low voice, "I see."

Max looked at her with satisfaction, holding a newspaper with his slender fingers, and read it attentively. It was close to the noon time when Leila fought against the breakfast served by the table. Since Leila's appetite was not small due to Max, it was not difficult for her to eat it.

When Max put down the newspaper, he happened to meet Leila who put down the glass of milk. When their eyes met, there was a strange feeling floating in the air.

"Copy the same meal as breakfast,"

His tone sounded like he was talking about some very light words, then Leila gave him a silent resistance and he added, "eat all of the

you could be rich while hiding your bet from everyone. If you lost, you could be sent to jail.

Group leader Qin's eyes were filled with cruelty. Holding the stick in his hand, he walked back to the rest area of the construction site.

It was still raining heavily. Leila, who was lying quietly on the ground, was drenched. Her orange yellow umbrella fell to the ground, washed away by the rain.

As it was the suburb of the city, there was almost no one passing by. And it was raining heavily, there was not a single person around. Looking around, there was almost no one on the whole road.

The wall couldn't withstand the pouring of rain, and several pieces of it had been peeled off, falling on the ground. Not far from where Leila was lying, there was a rustling sound in the air, and in the end, the wall collapsed and fell straight to Leila on the ground.

At this critical moment, Leila was out of danger by one hand. Looking at the hole on the place where Leila had been standing, Mr. Zhang couldn't help but feel a lingering fear. If Leila was under the cliff, many of her lives would not be enough to die!

After Leila got out of the car, Mr. Zhang worried about Leila. After all, the first task that Max gave him was to protect her safety!

Fortunately, he came in time. Otherwise, how could he explain if something happened to Leila? Although the Max did not show any emotion on the surface, he could see some clues after working with him for so many years.

After all, Max treated Leila differently.

"Sir, Miss Leila encountered danger."

Taking out his cellphone and making a call, Mr. Zhang said in a neither humble nor pushy tone. Then, there was a long silence on the other end of the phone, which made Mr. Zhang feel scared. After quite a while, he heard a cold voice, "Ask Zed to come."

Hearing this, Mr. Zhang's face changed, and then nodded his head. Hanging up the phone, Mr. Zhang carried Leila back to the car. The car sped away, leaving mud on the ground.

The falling wall lay quietly in the rain. All was set.

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