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   Chapter 52 Sophia's Crisis Comes (Part One)

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When they went back to the apartment in the evening, it was time to get off work. Unlike the last time when they went back, it was already evening, Mr. Zhang looked at her from the rearview mirror and said, "Miss Leila is really fulfilling the duty."

Leila smiled, saying nothing. She subconsciously looked at Tristan, who was still on the farm, and her smile faded.

When she arrived at the apartment, she took a quick shower, curled up on the sofa and turned on the TV. However, Max hadn't come back yet.

The entertainment news on the TV drew her attention, on which the figure of Sophia

was deliberately blurred, but Leila assured that Johnson could recognize Sophia at a glance. The headline of the news was black and bold.

"The wife of the CEO in a company had a tryst late at night. It seems that she has an affair!"

Such a title was still obscure. Fortunately, Max asked her to send another photo to Johnson. Otherwise it wouldn't have any effect. Perhaps the Song family was now in a mess!

When she was thinking about this, Max opened the door and came in. She looked back subconsciously, and when she saw Rosa by his side, she was slightly shocked. Then she wanted to go upstairs subconsciously. Max saw through her intention and said to Rosa, "I arrived, and you should go back."

Hearing this, the smile on Rosa's face froze. She looked at Leila who was not far away, with a flash of cold in her eyes. Rosa smiled gently to Max, "then see you tomorrow."

Hearing that, Max's eyes turned dark and nodded slightly. Then he turned around and entered the apartment. Rosa wanted to say something more, but seeing that she swallowed the words and turned around to leave.

Somehow, Leila felt a little embarrassed. She bit her lips and stood still, not knowing what to do.

"Come here."

The two words of Max freed her from the dilemma. Leila walked to him and sat next to him. The TV opposite was still broadcasting news about Sophia. Apart from that, there w

at someone deliberately did it. She looked at Max. It was almost impossible to do it in the whole D city except him.

Leila collected her gaze and ate her breakfast slowly.

She didn't know that many people outside blamed the Song family for this news, and the Song family was also affected by it.

At Song Group's private house.

Looking at the ferocious Johnson sitting on the sofa, Sharon dared not speak, with tears on her face. It seemed that she wanted to say something, but stopped on a second thought.

"Dad, don't be angry."

Under the gaze of Sophia's worried eyebrows, Daisy finally hesitated to say something, but she didn't expect to run into the muzzle.

Anger was written all over Johnson's face, and his body was trembling. He said in a cold voice, "don't call me dad! I wonder who is your father! "

The color drained from Daisy's face. She looked at Johnson in disbelief, as if she didn't expect him to say something like that. Sophia's complexion was ghastly pale, and she said in a trembling voice, "how could you say that, Johnson?"

As soon as Johnson heard her voice, he was even more furious. He said in a loud voice, "how could I say that? Sophia, do you think I have treated you badly for so many years? You did such a shameless thing to disgrace me, and now you come to accuse me? "

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