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   Chapter 51 Think Oneself Clever (Part Two)

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Max didn't come downstairs after going up to the second floor. She really wanted to sleep on the sofa for a night, and she didn't want to climb into his bed. However, she had to lower her head in the eaves. She couldn't bear the consequences of provoking Max.

After putting on her slippers, she went to the bedroom on the second floor. Max was lying on the bed and fiddling with the computer in his hands, whether it was for work or for something else. She climbed to the bed quietly and sat by his side. She was about to go to bed quietly when someone held her waist. Then she fell into a hot embrace.

A low, hoarse voice came from above.

"What do you think of Tristan?"

Without further action, he asked her questions. Leila subconsciously thought of what group leader Qin had told her today. She pursed her lips and answered, "He's not a social climber. I just get along with him for one day, so I have no other opinions."

She could not see his expression clearly as she was in Max's arms. Then he said in an indifferent tone, "did you find anything unusual at the farm?"

Although group leader Qin did not tell Max about the fact that the material was reduced, Leila still felt that he seemed to know about it. She decided not to make trouble in front of him. She told him the truth, "when I was on the farm, I found that the original number of materials didn't match with the number in fact. Apart from that, there was nothing unusual with other materials."

With no more words, Max put the computer aside, turned over and held Leila in his arms.

She didn't need to say more, because she knew what was going to happen next. Leila kept her eyes wide o

Leila turned around and walked away. She had to focus on the construction of the farm all the time. She had to be careful about everything that would happen to her in the future. It didn't matter who made the negligence in the material. Even if she couldn't find it temporarily, all she needed to do was to watch it closely!

At lunch time, Leila was having lunch with a group of men. The food on the construction site was not as good as that in a high-class restaurant. Leila used to eat the food of dishes from a remote place, even occasionally clear water and soup would be strange to her, but she ate it with no dislike. The workers aside were surprised. "We thought Miss Leila would not like it."

Leila raised her eyebrows. In their eyes, she was the spoiled lady. She did not say anything, but tried to prove herself with action. The impression of the workers about Leila was constantly improved and their views on her was getting even better. Instead of being arrogant and domineering as it was said, Miss Leila was kind and nice.

Looking at Leila who was having lunch elegantly, Tristan was shocked.

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