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   Chapter 50 Think Oneself Clever (Part One)

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Leila was depressed because of the failure of the banquet plan. She glanced at the banquet hall where most of the guests had left, and when she was about to walk with the crowd, her arm was grabbed. She looked back and looked at the Max in confusion.

On the surface, Max was always calm. Regardless of Leila's gaze, he took her straight to Johnson. He was very flattered by Max's sudden visit. With a greedy smile on Johnson's face, he asked, "Mr. Mu, have you had a good night?"

Max glanced at him indifferently and asked in a disguised manner, "Mr. Song, you seem to have some issues with Lily invited by me?"

Hearing that, both Johnson and Leila were shocked. The former was shocked that Lily

was invited by Max, while the latter was shocked that Max was defending her. Looking at his side face, she pursed her lips. She couldn't figure out what he was doing at the moment.

No matter for what reason, you can't offend Max. Johnson made a wry smile, "Mr. Mu, you're thinking too much. Lily is generous and elegant. Besides, she's a super star in the entertainment circle. None would dislike her."

Johnson had been doing business for so many years, so he knew how to leave a way out for himself.

Leila laughed scornfully in her heart. She asserted that if it was not for the special situation tonight, he couldn't resist the temptation of Lily. But now he had to pretend to be a gentleman. If he was not romantic, there wouldn't be Daisy and her mother!

Now that Max had achieved his goal, he walked out of the banquet hall directly without paying any attention to what Johnson said. Seeing that, Leila followed him in a hurry.

Embarrassment was written all over Johnson's face as he watched their receding fi

e the right person?"

Max's eyes were deep as a pool of deep water. He said, "Bertha."

Leila's body trembled, not because of Bertha, but the tone of Max. She was once his woman, and now she was easily used as he didn't want her. Such ruthlessness made her tremble.

Perhaps it was because of her emotional change that Max felt it, and he held her in his arms, his tone of voice was so soft that it was almost dripping with water.

"Good girl."

Leila's heart sank. She couldn't understand the subtlety of Max, but she knew clearly that the man in front of her was unpredictable and she had no idea what kind of feeling he had when he said.

When Leila returned to her apartment, it was already late at night. After the party, her feet in high heels were so sore. She sat on the sofa and rubbed her ankle. After that, Max walked straight up the stairs, while Leila withdrew her gaze.

From the beginning to the end, Max was a bystander. He watched as she fought against the Song family, and gave her one or two suggestions occasionally, which made the game even more interesting. With a gloomy face, Leila was confused about what was going on.

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