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   Chapter 49 The Beginning Of Song Family's Banquet

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9549

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In fact, Leila's taste was not so bad as he said. It depended on who would have a better taste. People like Max who specialized in fashion shows really didn't like her taste.

Leila curled her lips and dared not to contradict.

"Lucky that I don't have any interest in women," said Max in a softened tone, looking at her action with the corner of his mouth raised slightly

Leila pursed her lips. Although she really wanted to retort, she still suppressed it. In front of Max, she must not fight back, nor scold back. Leila thought that he didn't think human rights was right.

The driver, Mr. Zhang, glanced at the two from the rearview mirror and then looked back. It seemed that even Max himself did not realize what emotions hidden in the smile at the corners of his mouth.

Mr. Zhang's driving skill was so good that it didn't take him too long to arrive at the party.

This was an open-air banquet. An idea that an open-air party unexpectedly caught up with a fashion trend, which was rare. Therefore, everybody was in high spirits tonight. Before they entered, they heard a noise inside.

Seeing Max from a distance, a pair of old eyes burst out of light in an instant. As expected, Leila had means. In a short period of time, she was able to invite Max, who had never attended a banquet before.

Johnson came over to them with a glass of wine in his hand and said, "Mr. Mu, welcome. You have saved our lives."

Max glanced at him with no answer. Then an embarrassment flashed across Johnson's face. He said to Leila who was standing beside, "Leila, what's wrong with you? Why didn't you tell me that Mr. Mu was coming?"

Leila's face turned cold. When she was about to answer, she heard Max's cold voice, "she doesn't know."

The simple sentence shut up Johnson. He gave her a resentful look, without saying anything more.

With Leila sitting beside him, they two became the focus. In the distance, Charles saw the two people standing together. They were a perfect match. He slightly pursed his lips and stood still, unable to move a little.

But when Leila saw him, she greeted him with a smile, "Hi, Charles."

The smile on Charles's face froze as he walked towards them. The medical research team he worked for was about to finish. One week later, he didn't need to stay with Max anymore.

"Hello, Mr. Mu," said Charles with a gentle smile

After taking a look at him, Max said in an indifferent tone, "doctor Qiao is also here."

Charles's face was stiff. Now he heard that the word "doctor Qiao" was like irony to him. When he was abroad, he was full of power and influence, but after all, it was only a nominal name. He knew clearly what he wanted now. It was the wealth and power as comparable to the Max, so that he could take Leila back aboveboard.

The reason why he didn't do anything now was that

ged the whole thing, and even if it was an accident, he wouldn't get close to her in public at this kind of banquet which was held in the upper class. The female star was so naive or so stupid to come up with such a simple idea.

But she was clinging to him. As a result, even if he was innocent, people would laugh at him.

But before Johnson could explain everything clearly to her, Lily said, "I'm sorry. I made a mistake."

Johnson's words were blocked in his throat. He looked terrible, but he could not show it. He had no choice but to say awkwardly, "it's okay. Miss, you'd better be more careful in the future."

Lily's faces turned cold. She received a message from Leila, asking her to stop. In fact, even if she didn't say anything, she wouldn't continue. What she did tonight was out of their expectation. If it went on like this, she couldn't guarantee what would happen.

The matter had to be put to an end. Lily walked aside and held a glass of wine, looking pale.

Leila stopped the farce in time. As Max, she didn't think too much about it. If she underestimated the enemy, she would get nothing but loss.

Max walked over and said in an indifferent tone, "get ready, and Johnson will soon notice it."

Leila's heart sank. It was her fault this time. It would be terrible if Johnson had found out about her.

Hearing that, Max pursed his lips. Obviously, he was dissatisfied with Leila's behavior, and what's more, she took action without authorization. Wouldn't this woman talk about it with her?

The party ended peacefully. Because of the disturbance of Lily, Johnson tried to win friends' support, but he failed. He still looked sullen. He would find out who gave him the invitation letter!

Apparently, Lily came here with certain purpose. After what they had done to him, they had expressed everything. He was determined to find out who was behind all this.

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