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   Chapter 48 The Beginning Of The Song Family's Banquet (Part Two)

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The man stopped by her looked at her, and his eyes suddenly lit up. "Miss Song?"

It was not until then that Leila saw his face clearly. He looked familiar to her. Seeing that, Leila didn't say anything. He explained, "I am an employee of the construction company."

Hearing his words, Leila remembered that she had met him yesterday. She nodded politely and asked, "Mr. Qin, where is Mr. Xia's office?"

The man, group leader Qin, obviously didn't expect that she still remembered him. With a smile on his simple and honest face, he answered, "Mr. Xia's office is just at the corner ahead."

Leila answered. When she was about to turn around and leave, he stopped her. He said awkwardly, "Miss Song, this matter should not have come to you, but if we don't mention it, it is not good for the company. Our president is the same as Mr. Xia, and nobody dares to mention it. Therefore, I think we should tell Miss Song, and see if there is any way to solve it."Done. "

Leila raised her eyebrows, "what's up?"

The group leader of the group, licked her lips and said, "I believe Miss Song has known today that some materials of the construction on the farm have been missing."

Leila thought of the amount of materials she had found, nodded and said: "what's wrong with it?"

It was quite normal for there to be some minor mistakes in the project. Was there anything that she didn't know? She waited for the next sentence from group leader Qin, and he continued, "actually, this kind of accident occurred every day after Mr. Xia finished the survey."

Leila's heart skipped a beat. Every day? It couldn't be a coincidence. It was possible that someone helped Caleb secretly. After all, it was her project. How could she sit by when such a big problem occurred?

in and met with Leila's eyes. Then, the room was filled with soft light, floating slowly in the air. The two people's eyes met, and the emotions surged secretly.

"How is it going?"

Leila asked, waiting for his answer anxiously. The latter glanced at her lightly, then answered, "good."

With that, Leila smiled shyly as if she was relieved. She was destined to enjoy tonight.

Also, Max had been dressed up for a while. He wore a gentleman black tuxedo, which made him look like a noble gentleman from the UK. With arrogance and grace, he walked slowly to Leila, his hand placing on his stomach, his arm bending slightly, and Leila held his arm.

From a distance, the fit of the two was completely identical and could be described as perfect.

Leila slowed down her pace, and they walked into the car gracefully. Leila looked at Max beside her and asked, "what are you going to do tonight?"

Andrew glanced at her face and said indifferently, "do nothing."

Leila was a little disappointed. She pointed to her dress and asked, "then why did you dress me like this?"

Max's answer made her feel that she was asking for trouble.

"You have bad taste, Leila!"

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