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   Chapter 46 Bertha Was Blocked (Part Two)

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When she approached the construction site, a noise came. Leila only felt a strong current passing through her eardrum, which hurt her brain. But she still did not retreat. She forced herself to focus on the project.

Standing behind Leila, Tristan didn't stop her. In his eyes, Leila was the new official who would only work hard for one or two days. After tiredness, she even wouldn't come to the construction site.

Leila didn't care about his opinion. In her eyes, this project was related to her future. If successful, it would build a solid foundation on her road of revenge. She could only succeed!

The workers were shocked when they saw her. They had never seen any woman come to supervise in this construction site. They wondered what their boss was planning to do. The skin of men was rough and thick, and they were not afraid of getting scratched, but that was not the same thing for a woman.

Leila walked around and her body covered with dust. Seeing she hold the design sketch carefully, Tristan couldn't help asking, "what's wrong with it?"

He had surveyed the place in the morning. There shouldn't be any mistake. Leila raised her eyes and smiled casually. "Nothing."

Tristan sighed with relief, but then he heard Leila's words. "I just have a question, Mr. Xia. I don't know if you can answer it."

She was being modest. Tristan raised his eyebrows and asked, "What's the question?"

Leila walked up to him and put her finger on the drawing. Then she pointed at the place which should match the drawing and said, "I've checked it. There should be eight pieces of wood, but only five of them here. Why the numbers couldn't match?"

Hearing what he said, Tristan was stunned. He didn't think much about it. It was not a small problem. If eight sh

to go upstairs.

When her figure disappeared at the corner of the second floor, a person walked in from the door. It was the driver, Mr. Zhang. He stood respectfully by the side while hearing Max's indifferent voice, "how is it?"

Hearing this, Mr. Zhang was not as innocent as the man in front of Leila. He said solemnly, "Sir, don't worry. Miss Leila's ability can be fully recognized by everyone."

Hearing that, Max's eyes turned deep. The newspaper in his hand had not been turned over for a long time. After a while, with a simple "hum", Mr. Zhang retreated respectfully again.

The apartment was very quiet. It was so quiet that people could hear the shower sound from Leila. A strange look flashed through Max's deep eyes. He slightly raised the corners of his mouth but nobody could notice. His expression was unpredictable.

When Leila came out of the bathroom after taking a bath, she didn't see Max in the living room. A maid said, "Sir let me tell you not to wait for him."

Although she didn't know where he went, she was always relieved when he was not around. In addition, she was tired all day long, so Leila almost fell asleep as soon as she lay on the bed.

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