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   Chapter 45 Bertha Was Blocked (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-30 00:12

"Look at what you have done!"

It was a shocking news for Bertha. She lowered her head and didn't take a look at the documents scattered on the ground. It was a contract indicating the withdrawal of all shareholders of the company. This news was a devastating blow to her image.

Now the whole entertainment circle regarded her as a 'tumor', after all, her reputation had really been ruined after that video scandal was exposed. Because of Bertha, the image of the company had also been seriously damaged, and what she was facing now was a serious problem!

The man in front of her cursed and spitted, while a trace of disgust flashed in Bertha's beautiful eyes. With a smile on her face, she walked up to him in a coquettish tone, and with her white and tender fingers crawling on the man's chest, her posture was seductive.

Bertha's beauty was acknowledged by all the people, especially her eyes, which made her as enchanting as a fairy in mountains. This was a man's favorite, let alone a man of forties.

"Mr. Huang, it's all my fault. I'll handle it properly. I'll give the company an explanation and give you an explanation."

The last few words were lightly bit by her, plus a pair of bright red lips, which created an indescribable temptation. Mr. Huang swallowed. Bertha was the star he had imagined for a long time.

The hidden rules of the entertainment circle were seen through by everyone. It was an established fact that Bertha got the position by taking advantage of Max. But it's also because of Max, Mr. Huang could not get any chance to get close to Bertha.

Since she came to him initiatively today, Mr. Huang forgot his anger a moment ago. He put his arm around her slender waist and greedily wandered about her body. Smelling the disgusting smell from this man, a trace of disgust app

't like her, he should restrain himself in front of so many people in view of her identity. But he didn't hide anything. Therefore, Leila admired him a lot.

She took back her hand with a gentle smile. She took out the planning drawing and looked at it. She said, "the project is under construction now. It should be here."

She pointed at the drawing and compared it to the places that she was working at. In fact, a large part of the project had been carried out. It was estimated for safety, Max did not let her come to the construction when the foundation was erected.

That was why the people who took part in this project were curious about the surordinate. Because of her special identity, no one dared to challenge her in person. And of course, they dared not show any dissatisfaction on their face, except for Tristan.

Tristan looked at the drawing which was pointed at by Leila's finger and nodded, "yes, exactly."

After she got the positive answer, Leila stepped forward and approached the construction place. She did not dodge when she felt the dust from the bedding. She had not suffered any hardship since her childhood, so even she did not know how much capacity for taking pains she had.

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