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   Chapter 44 The Crisis Of Bertha

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Hearing his words, Leila's face turned pale. She bit her lips tightly and didn't say anything. Max held her chin tightly and forced her to look into his eyes. He said word by word, "do you hate being questioned like this?"

Max continued to read her mind. The more he said, the paler Leila's face became. She trembled when she looked into his deep eyes.

"Woman, you are not qualified to think like that!"

Leila bit her lips and didn't dare to make a sound. This was the real punishment. Max was really annoyed by her this time.

Leila's body didn't make him sick, but it didn't mean that he could tolerate her. He liked obedient women. It was obvious that her rebellion was not up to his appetite. But it didn't matter. He would "teach her well"!

He pulled Leila, who had just taken a rest, into the stove again. The temperature was very low in the air conditioner, until she fell asleep. She did not say a word of begging for mercy from beginning to end.

A strange expression appeared on the cold face of Max. This woman's stubbornness was beyond his imagination.

When Leila woke up, the night fell. She opened her eyes and looked around, then she found that there was no one in the office. As Leila wanted to get up, she found that she was naked, and that there were clothes scattered on the floor. She frowned and was thinking about what to do, when a slender figure appeared in front of the door.

Leila raised her eyes and looked up, and meet the eyes of Max who was indifferent. He threw the paper bag in his hand into her arms. She took it subconsciously, because of her movement, the thin blanket covering her body fell down, revealing her whole body.

After stunned for a second, she hurriedly covered it. On her white and tender face. There was a slight flush. Max's eyes became deep and his sexy throat rolled up and down. He looked away and said in a low and hoarse voice.

"Put it on."

But there was no bathroom or screen in the office, which meant she had to wear clothes in front of Max. She controlled her unwillingness on her face and slowly wore clothes, without showing it on her face.

Fortunately, no one dared to come up to the office building without informing. When she changed her clothes, she saw a pair of burning eyes, afraid that the clothes she had just changed would be torn up again. She hurriedly said, "I'm hungry..."

After taking a deep look at her, Max threw the document on the table to her arms.

"Tomorrow, go to the farm to supervise its construction. Here is the design drawing."

Leila took it and opened it. She was shocked after turning a few pages. She thought it was the foundation they saw that day, but it seemed to be twice the size as they saw, according to the drawing.

'is he really relieved to let me supervise the construction in such a situation?' Leila thought.

"This time, I think a large amount of investment will be needed. Don't you worry about me?"

news aroused Leila's interest.

"It is proved that the queen of rumors has encountered a failure. Yesterday's rumors have been confirmed that she is indeed related to a member of the underworld. As for these their relationship, it remains to be confirmed."

What kind of evidence was there to prove that Bertha was indeed related to the underworld? Then, another video with Bertha's true voice and candid pictures were presented. Leila watched her in the video. Her face was covered with mosaics, but her identity was obvious.

The other figure was completely blocked. If Leila wasn't the party, she couldn't even recognize herself. It seemed that the journalist was competent.

Bertha's original voice was exposed and her voice was modified. Of course, not only the voice, but also the words she said were also changed.

Bertha said, "I want to come back to Max."

The figure on the screen moved, and then came the voice of Bertha, "I can make Rosa


After the matter was handled, Leila replied, "what can you do?"

Bertha replied, "I just know some gangsters."

Now it proved that the headline of yesterday's news was true. But this was not the headline of the entertainment news. Then Leila asked, "are you going to kill her to keep

her mouth shut?"

Bertha said in a disdainful tone, "I would like to kill her to keep the secret."

Leila asked in surprise, "Bertha, are you going to do something illegal?"

Bertha said, "In fact, it's nothing special. After it's done, Rosa will be humiliated and can't stay in D city anymore, or you can say, she would be too shameful to stay by the side of Max."

The video stopped. Leila was satisfied with the later editing, which seemed to be little

modified. And the entertainment news determined that the video wasn't processed. In other words, the female in the video proved to be Bertha.

Leila sat on the sofa with a smile on her face.

'Bertha, can you go through the crisis?'

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