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   Chapter 43 Playing Pig And Eating Tiger

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Leila adjusted her mood and hid her hatred for him deeply. A decent smile appeared on her face. Then she stepped in. In front of the office table, Johnson greeted her warmly, "Leila, you're here."

Leila greeted with respect, "father."

He stood up and tried to squeeze out a smile from his face. He said, "Leila, you can stop working from tomorrow on."

Leila was shocked. She raised her eyebrows. Of course, she wouldn't be demoted by Johnson. She could guess what Johnson would say to her, according to what Max said to her this morning.

As expected, Johnson continued, "Max has told me just now. You just need to concentrate on the work he asked. As for the company, in the logistics department, there aren't a lot of things to do, you don't have to worry about it."

Leila laughed coldly in her heart. He finally admitted that he made her featherbed. Apparently, Johnson didn't realize that he had made a slip of the tongue. His eyes were bright, as if he had seen his bright future.

As long as the Mu Group was behind him, he was sure his company wouldn't be influenced by others and would prosper.

He looked so greedy on his face, but Leila felt disgusted. She covered her emotion very well and didn't change her smile. She continued to set up the splendid trap for Johnson. She said in a soft voice, "Okay, I'll do it as Max said. But I don't know much about project and architecture. You must help me when I encounter difficulties."

Pretending to be serious, Johnson said in a caring tone, "as a father, I should do everything I can to help my daughter."

Something occurred to Leila's mind as she laughed softly. "I heard that the nurses in the hospital are not very responsible. They always serve the patients casually..."

She lengthened the ending word on purpose. Then Johnson understood what she meant and said, "I was planning to hire a personal nurse for your mother as well. You and your mother have suffered a lot in the past years."

At the mention of her mother, Leila almost lost control of her emotion. She lowered her eyes to hide the surging waves in her eyes. Then Johnson continued, "Leila, I have a favor to ask you. Would you please..."

Johnson was never a man who would suffer losses. Since he had agreed to Leila's request, she must pay with the same price. A cold expression appeared on Leila's face. She raised her eyes and said with a friendly smile, "father, if you have anything to say, please tell me. I will try my best."

Hearing this, Johnson looked at her and said, "our company is going to shoot a publicity video, but as you know, the company is short of money recently. Can you ask Max to invest..."

Leila pretended to be embarrassed. "Dad, you know what kind of person Max is. I've been with him for only a short time. If I ask for money, I'm afraid I'll draw his dissatisfaction."

Leila's words sounded perfectly convincing. When hearing that, Johnson was rendered speechless. On second thought, he realized that he was too impatient. It wouldn't be worth it if Max lost interest in Leila for that.

It should be a long-term plan.

Thinking of this, Johnson smiled awkwardly and said, "that's right. I'm not thoughtful enough. Let's talk about the advertising video of our company later."

Leila was amused by his words. She didn't know what

, everything in the office could be seen clearly. She stopped in front of the door, looked at the scene in the office and slightly lowered her eyes.

There was an ambiguous sound coming from the office, but Leila didn't seem to hear it. She raised her hand and knocked on the open door, and then she felt someone was staring at her. Leila didn't look up. She stood in front of the door like a well behaved cat waiting for the order of her master.

"Come in."

Hearing that, Leila stepped into the room. The atmosphere was still ambiguous. With a sudden touch of disgust, she tried to hide her emotions and raised a smile on her face. "Max, I'm here," she said softly, This was the first time she called him, and it seemed that she had never called him by his name since they knew each other. Max narrowed his deep eyes and looked at the little woman standing neatly beside him, with unpredictable emotions in his eyes.

Bertha, sitting in the arms of Max, behaved restlessly, and was very resentful about the arrival of Leila. It was so close that she almost succeeded and came back to Max again!

She laid her hands on him all the way down from his waist. Max's eyes turned cold, and he grabbed her wrist. His thin lips moved slightly. "Get out," he said coldly.

Pale and unwilling Bertha forced a smile. She said, "Max, we were just..."

"Fuck off."

After Bertha was interrupted by Max, Bertha shuddered and knew that he was angry. She stood up from his arms angrily, her high heels clattering. She passed Leila coldly and then walked out of the office.

"Come here."

Hearing that, Leila went over obediently. When she walked to him, she was suddenly held into his arms. After a round of dizziness, she heard a low voice. "Since you drove her away, then you will take responsibility for the fire she lit."

Leila didn't like this sentence. She felt like that he was a very ancient king. She thought her dignity was treaded on and subconsciously avoided the kiss he gave her. There was a meaningful look in Max's eyes.

He was such a smart man that he could tell what's behind Leila's every move. There was an icy aura around him. He said to Leila with a vicious smile, "you feel dirty?"

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