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   Chapter 41 Kick Him When He Is Down (Part One)

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The air filled with millet congee rippled in every corner of an European style apartment.

Leila was sitting on the sofa, with a newspaper in her hands. Sitting at the opposite table, Max took a glance at her, and then indifferently turned his eyes to look calm.

On the newspaper, a charming smile appeared on Bertha's face. Leila's eyes became bright. It was just the beginning. She didn't know whether Bertha could stand it or not.

The sly smile at the corners of her mouth was seen by somebody else. Sitting on the chair of the financial newspaper in his hands, Max said in an indifferent tone, "the land in the suburb is ready for other work. From tomorrow on, you go to supervise the work."

Leila was stupefied at his words. If he hadn't brought it up, she would have almost forgotten it. The Max had said that as long as the farm was on track, she would hold 40% of the shares. It was her first investment, and she was bound to succeed.

Leila cleared her throat and said, "if I have any idea, could I just tell you?"

"Yes," said Max calmly, after taking a graceful bite of the porridge

The look in Leila's eyes became more bright, and she added, "can you just do as I say?"

Max didn't lift her eyes and simply replied, "you have to get my consent first."

Leila pursed her lips. She had to asked for Max's permission. So did she have any other opinions?

Max seemed to sense her difference, and he said indifferently, "if your thoughts are good, I will agree."


Leila gave a bright response. She knew the man in front of her. She looked at him and walked gloomily to the dining table. While eating breakfast silently, Max asked, "did you do that about Bertha?"

Leila's body trembled. After getting along with him for so many days, she knew him well. He had always been d

s time would not be so devastating.

In a exquisitely decorated apartment, Bertha looked at the newspaper in her hand, her delicate face burning with anger. Who was it? Why do you want to kill me?

Most of the pictures were about her sleeping with a man intimately. As a queen of love affairs, it was normal for her to be reported like this. But the man in the pictures was not an ordinary person.

Cyrus was a vigorous and malicious spokesperson. He should have been sentenced to life imprisonment three years ago. But now it was clear that he was in charge of a large number of gangsters in D city. Few people could imagine how violent and horrible he was.

It could be said that people on the right path tried their best to avoid the stars. However, Bertha actually climbed up the high wall and even took photos of them. Wasn't this a disgrace to her career as a star!

Although they didn't know how sincere the news was, it was originally a conjecture. People's curiosity was the key to maintain the operation of the entertainment circle, and this woman, Bertha, once again became a hot topic.

"Miss Liu, I'm sorry that I can't be your agent anymore. I think you'd better find a better agent."

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