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   Chapter 39 Set A Trap (Part One)

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 5976

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Leila waited for a long time, but he still didn't answer. Finally, she drew back her attention and noticed her own posture. She quickly sat down and continued to look for the medicine.

Although she didn't have the obligation to take care of Max, out of kindness, she decided to look for medicine for him. However, she was not strong enough, so after searching for half a day, she still couldn't find a suitable medicine.

Frustrated, she put down the medicine box and turned her eyes to Max. In a pleading tone, she asked, "which kind of antipyretic is it?"

Seeming to be difficult, Max didn't make a sound. Leila sat on the bed, looked at him, and then slowly got out of the bed. Since she couldn't get the answer, wasn't she allowed to ask others?

When she went downstairs, a maid was making breakfast. Seeing her, the maid nodded slightly and said, "good morning, Miss Song."

Holding the medicine box, Leila asked, "which one is the antipyretic?"

The maid took a look at her and came to her side. She took out a bottle of medicine from the medicine box and said, "Miss Song, are you sick?"

Leila hurriedly waved her hands, "no, it's not me. It's Max."

Hearing this, the maid quickly said, "Max can't take this medicine."

Leila stopped, looked back and asked, "why?"

The maid did not answer, but turned to the living room, took out a box from the drawer and gave it to Leila: "give Sir this medicine."

Glancing at the box, Leila didn't think too much and went upstairs.

Sitting on the sofa leisurely, Max didn't respond when he saw Leila. Leila held a glass of water and said, "take it."

Hearing that, Max stared at her deeply. At first, a wood wolf stared at its own prey. Seeing the expression in his eyes, Leila could not help but shiver. She wal

lp laughing, 'she is really putting on herself as a superstar, swaggering around no matter what she does. However, this is also a good thing, which is exactly what she wants.'.

Leila quietly walked to her. A hint of anger appeared on Bertha's charming face, "Miss Song, you are so good at putting on airs. You are half an hour late!"

With a smile on her face, Leila took a look at Bertha and said, "sorry for keeping you waiting."

Without a single word, she went on with what she had done for Bertha. Although Bertha looked unhappy, she let it go. She had a more important thing to do today.

"I believe you have known it, Miss Song. Max's first love has come back."

As Bertha didn't do much foreshadowing and got right to the point, Leila was shocked and then thought of the relationship between Max and Rosa. She had always thought that they might be childhood playmates, but unexpectedly they were lovers. However, what did this have to do with her?

She kicked the question back calmly and said, "Miss Bertha, I can't understand what you said."

Seeing that she was pretending to be silly, Bertha did not expose her. She continued, "today, I want to cooperate with you."

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