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   Chapter 38 Max Gets A Fever And She Is The Medicine (Part Two)

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 5603

Updated: 2020-01-28 00:22

She lay on the stair, thought for a long time, but didn't come up with an answer. It was more likely that Max and Rosa were childhood sweethearts, but it was only her guess and if she wanted to prove it, unless Max admitted it in person, it was impossible. It was impossible for her to get the result from his friend, let alone the chance to get the result from him. Moreover, she would never make things difficult for herself. She walked into the bedroom and thought that Max might not come back tonight?

With a beauty in his arms, or perhaps with the beauty he has been thinking for so many years, how could he think of Leila?

Lying in bed, Leila couldn't help thinking about these things. She tried to get rid of these thoughts and forced herself to fall asleep. Tomorrow there would be a fierce battle between her and Bertha. She must preserve her strength and pick a good time to win.

When Leila was thinking of this, she suddenly sank into the bed. Leila was shocked. When she was about to turn around to look at the man clearly, she was held in his arms. A hoarse voice came from above her head. "It's me."

After hearing that, Leila felt strangely relieved. Nestling in his arms, she did not know why she had guessed wrong. Logically speaking, it should not be such a situation. He should be in a good mood with Rosa after being separated from her for such a long time? But why didn't they have sex just as she thought?

It didn't take Leila much time to be captured by Max. They didn't talk, but she could feel his loneliness. She pursed her lips and asked, "what's your relationship with Rosa?"

She asked carefully, seeming to be afraid that she would

e little woman in front of him. What if he was ill?

Leila sat on the bed, her pretty face full of seriousness. She seemed to think of something. She jumped out of the bed and took out the medicine box from her memory. She was dizzy and didn't know what to do with the medicine box. Finally, she had to send the medicine box to Max. "What is the antipyretic?"

Resting his head on his arm, Max didn't look sick at all. It was difficult to know that he was a patient now, unless he felt suspicious red on his pale lips and face. When he was sick, Max looked less rigorous and more casual, and her posture in bed looked very lazy and sexy.

Leila was in a daze, and asked again, "which one? The Antipyretic?"

Looking at the little woman who was kneeling on the bed and half opened her clothes, Max was attracted by Leila. He had something different from what she cared about. She only cared about the medicine to cure him, while he cared about the present her. He could guarantee that even if he was sick now, he would be able to make her completely unable to get out of bed, as long as she kept in this posture.

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