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   Chapter 35 Carry Out The Plan In Advance (Part One)

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She didn't know what she did wrong. The program falling on the ground was picked up by her. But when she looked through it, her face changed dramatically. It was her plan, but not hers!

It sounded ambivalent, but in fact, her plan had been revised! It had been changed into a bad one!

Daisy explained at once, "father, I didn't do it!"

Johnson glanced at her and said coldly, "I thought you were just not capable enough, but it seems that you are so fearless! Do you know how much loss you have made for the company? "

She felt like weeping. She really didn't know why her plan was tampered with in this way. These plans had been submitted to the investor, and the loss they caused was irreparable.

Even if she could prove her innocence now, it would not change the result of the failure. With a deadly pale face, Daisy didn't know who was behind all this. In this company, there was only one person against her, Leila!

It must be her. On second thought, Daisy hurriedly said, "father, it's Leila! It's her! Our plan is going through the logistics department. My previous plan was clearly not like this. She must have put obstacles in the way! "

What Daisy said let Johnson down more. When Leila was in the company, he watched her every move. After making sure that there was no hidden trouble, he allowed her be in the company. Now, as what she said, all was planned by Leila. How could he believe it?

Do you believe that a man with nothing to do would suddenly think of tampering with the plan? Moreover, she also owned the shares of the Song Group. If something happened to the group, it would also be extremely disadvantageous to her. How could she be so stupid to do that?

With clear eyes, Johnson looked at Daisy, "you don't need to say anything. As for the lo

ing her phone. The headlines of entertainment news were all about Bertha. As usual, it was still about gossip.

Her name of "Bertha" was linked with the word "rumor", so was the name of "Lily". Before having cooperation with Leila, her name was often seen on newspapers or entertainment news.

They shared the same social status. No wonder Lily was anxious to fight against Bertha. With such a situation, it was difficult to distinguish the difference between them. As for Lily, she was connected with the news about Bertha. Only news about Max would be more eye-catching. Given this, it was a wise choice for Lily to find Leila.

It was already past the agreed time, and even half an hour late, but Lily still did not come. Leila had called, but no one answered. She could not help but think that something might have happened to Lily?

Just as Leila's mind wandered, the door of the private room was pushed open, and

Lily arrived. Leila looked at her and said, "Miss Lily, what's the matter?"

Even though it was not a big deal for a woman to be late for an appointment, for a person who had a strong sense of time, half an hour's delay was a big deal. That was the case for Leila.

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