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   Chapter 33 The First Revenge (Part One)

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The beautiful woman seemed to be talking something with Max, but she couldn't hear it clearly even though she was standing not far away. Leila was standing aside indifferently, but others thought she did care.

Moore kept staring at her, as if she was interrogating a criminal. Leila was a little angry and dissatisfied because she indiscriminately labeled her.

She didn't hide her displeasure, so Moore could clearly feel her response. After a short daze, she became more disgusted with her trick of playing hard to get, because she had seen too much in this circle.

Leila ignored the strange looks of others and took a sip of wine leisurely. In the afterglow, the beautiful woman was still talking with Max, and it seemed that they had a long separation and had a lot to say. There was a slight emotion that she couldn't understand in Max's usual cold eyes.

Staring at the woman in front of him, Max wondered how many years had passed since they met last time? Three years? Five years? There had been seven years since they last met. Seven years ago, she left without saying a word without any sign. Seven years later, she returned without any sign just like before. What did she regard him as?

Brother? Or boyfriend?

Seven years ago, both of them were at a young age, and they were engaged when they were at the first sight of love. They even did not make it clear when she left without a word. So what was the relationship between them? It was hard for him to explain.

With a graceful smile on face, Debbie looked at the excellent man in front of her. Last year, her leaving without saying a word was a great blow to him. Seven years later, he looked different, but she felt that he looked at her with the same smile a

party to laugh.

"Do you think I would be interested in you?"

Leila raised her eyebrows, "it's hard to say."

Her casual tone made Moore frown. Originally, he thought that this woman was greedy for wealth and wanted to hook up with powerful men. But today, he realized that her temperament was also despicable!

"I'm warning you, mind your own business. Don't think about something you shouldn't think about."

His cold tone amused Leila. What she feared in the world was only one person, although the man in front of her was cold. But it was not enough to frighten her to the point. Instead, she teased, "Moore, what should I think? What shouldn't I think?"

Moore had never known that a woman's face could be so thick. From a certain point of view, Leila had the potential to be a hooligan, so he was speechless by her words.

He couldn't give a proper answer to such a conventional question. It was his first time to lose face in front of a woman.

"Since you can't speak it out, I want to ask you a question."

Leila's watery eyes flashed a glimmer of light, shining in the darkness. Moore squinted at her and asked, "what's the question?"

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