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   Chapter 32 The Beautiful Woman

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When he arrived at the apartment, the sun was high in the sky. Although it was still early, she had to follow the rules as required by Max. She habitually returned to the apartment and found that she had nothing to do. It was extremely boring to be a caged Canary!

Sitting on the bed in the bedroom, Leila sadly found that when she was in the apartment, she had no other fun besides being called here and there by Max.

When the maid saw her wandering in the apartment, she called her with respect.

"Miss Song."

Leila nodded. She was used to her attitude. Although she had servants in the song clan, she was not as dedicated as she was to work. Her attitude was as respectful and respectful as the maids in the ancient times.

Leila noticed the maid was cooking and walked towards her with an attitude of an onlooker. Noticing her existence, the maid called her again, "Miss Song."

Leila paused, "are you cooking?"

The maid looked at Leila with a weird look on her face. Leila was a little embarrassed. She wanted to say something, but in fact, she didn't.

She cleared her throat and said: "can you teach me how to cook?"

The maid didn't disguise herself this time. She stared at Leila directly, and some strange emotions were revealed in her eyes, which made Leila a little embarrassed. The maid paused and said, "Max didn't mention it."

Leila bit her lips, and decided not to make things difficult for the maid. She turned around the room upstairs drowsily. The apartment was filled with boredom, with all the cells screaming, as if she was about to scream.

Just then, her phone buzzed. She looked down at the name on the screen. It was a familiar name. Once, she had taken this name as her best friend. But now, she only wanted to laugh when she thought of it.

She frowned and pressed the answer button. A hurried voice came from the other end of the phone, "Leila, did Astrid come to see you?"

'Astrid? It seemed that they were getting along well with each other all the time, and Astrid didn't even have the phone number to pick Veron up. But now that she had promised to help Astrid to get even with her, she didn't care about the phone number as well. And she never doubted what kind of person Astrid was, because she believed that, sooner or later, she would definitely get Veron into trouble.

With a cold voice, she replied, "No."

The person on the other end of the line seemed to be relieved. Leila suddenly realized that something was wrong. She asked: "what happened?"

After a short pause, Veron said, "nothing."

Her tone sounded a little more weird. Since she couldn't get a answer from him, Leila didn't want to talk to him anymore. She hanged up the phone with a big bang. Suddenly, a cold face appeared on the phone screen. Leila was startled and immediately turned around.

She didn't know when Max came behind her and how much he had heard on the phone just now. Obviously, it didn't matter, but she always felt that she shouldn't let him hear in front of him.

Looking at the little woman sitting on the sofa in front of him with a surprised look, Max moved her eyes. He slowly turned

"Miss Song, what brings you here today?"

Thinking of that, Grady could not help but burst out laughing. His words were echoed by Moore and Orange in a flash. Both of them knew that today was a special day for Max. How could Leila get out of there in such a day?

A trace of strangeness flashed through Max's indifferent eyes. He glanced at them and said in a cold voice, "she's my woman."

The crowd were rendered speechless. They all looked at Leila with a deep look, which made her confused. Shouldn't she come today?

Soon, Leila's question was solved. Just as the party was about to start, a woman came down from the stairs on the second floor. She was unforgettable at the first sight.

Her beautiful black curly hair was up at the back of her head, and a few strands of naughty fell on her neck, which made her skin look more delicate.

On her delicate face, there was a pair of bright eyes. It was as bright as a galaxy falling into the sky. Leila made a conclusion that this was a beautiful woman.

Leila didn't know they knew each other until the pretty woman, whom she had been thinking, walked up to her, or more precisely, was in front of Max. She stood aside and watched them with a shallow look.

The beautiful woman said, "long time no see, Max."

Although Max still cold, Leila, who studied his expression as a subject, found the difference at a glance. After his bright eyes, it was obvious that his emotion was hidden. With a feeling of unknown, Leila subconsciously stepped back, as if she was giving the stage to them.

They looked like a perfect match. Leila couldn't tell the fire of their eye contact. She pursed her lips and suppressed her abnormality in her heart. She wanted to turn around, but fell into a pair of colder eyes.

Without too much speculation, Leila understood why Moore looked at her with such eyes. The beautiful woman she thought must have an unusual relationship with Max.

No wonder they said something like that to Max. Even though she didn't know much about it, she knew that she really shouldn't have come to the party tonight.

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