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   Chapter 31 New Girlfriend And Old Lover (Part Two)

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Leila raised her eyebrows. It was easy to cooperate with a clever person. She could guess what Lily meant without even asking for her help. She said, "I don't need your reward. I just need you to do one thing for me."

Hearing that, Lily raised their eyebrows and asked, "what's the matter?"

Leila unlocked her cellphone, found a picture and handed it to Lily. "There will be an event held by the Song Group two days later. I need you to expose the murderer in the public voice."

Lily took a look at the picture on her cell phone, and a hint of surprise flashed through their eyes. But soon, they were put away by her. It was not a difficult thing for her, and she said, "okay."

After a pause, she added, "first of all, I need Miss Song to give me an invitation to the banquet."

With an indifferent look on her face, Leila nodded and said, "okay."

Lily heaved a sigh of relief. She stretched out her hand and said, "have a good cooperation!"

Leila shook her hand and repeated, "I hope so."

The cooperation with Lily started. Even though there were risks, she had to fight for it. As long as she achieved her goal, it would be a great opportunity for her.

A great opportunity for revenge!

After saying goodbye, she went back to the company. Freddy came up and saw her. A trace of anxiety flashed on his face. He came up to her and asked, "Miss Leila, have you done something bad?"

Leila was surprised to hear that. She answered, "I didn't do anything."

Looking confused, it didn't seem like she was telling a lie. But Freddy was silent too until Leila asked him again, "Freddy, what can I do for you?"

Freddy glanced at her and said, "at the meeting of our compa

slender fingers, and paused when she saw the familiar name. Then she raised the corners of her mouth a little and a tender smile was shown on the screen of the cellphone that was shining with a weak blue light. The name of the person on the screen was none other than Daisy.

An eye for an eye, and that was her motto.

In the afternoon, the company was as busy as usual, and the logistics department was as Leila's leisure. The difference was that Leila was no longer fond of playing tricks, and after she got the information from the company's board, the next step was the board meeting.

She was busy all afternoon until her phone buzzed. Glancing at the alarm clock, she found it was the one she set. For Max, she never dared to slack off. Then she looked at the sky, and it was still early. She recalled what the maid had told her this morning before she left.

"Miss Song must be back immediately after work."

With a sigh, Leila put away the documents. She looked at the name on the screen for a second, and the mood in her eyes was unpredictable. She estimated that the Song Group would not be peaceful tomorrow.

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