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   Chapter 30 New Girlfriend And Old Lover (Part One)

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"Now let's have a competition to see who is better? 】

Such words were always eye-catching. The 'new joy' in the topic was obviously her. And the "old love" was obvious to Bertha.

No wonder such striking news was pushed on the headlines.

It was on more than half of the screen. On that day when Bertha and she were in a fight, her face was hidden by her long hair. She was not in a mess, nor was she very beautiful. But compared to Bertha, she was much more beautiful.

It was Bertha who screamed in the video. Her hair hung loose and her face was scalded. She covered her face with her hands, which was very ugly.

In front of the audience, it was obvious that Leila, the new male star, won the game. But in fact, it was only a victory between women. Thinking of the Max, Leila thought of him. Leila's eyes darkened.

She forked it and opened the company staff website. She buried herself in work. Near noon, she received a call from a strange female voice.

"Excuse me, is that Leila?"

After thinking for a while, Leila was sure that she had never heard such a voice, and she had never seen a woman on the other end of the phone before. She answered, "yes, I am. May I ask who you are?"

The woman paused and remembered with a smile, "me? You'll know when we meet. "

Leila raised her eyebrows, "Okay, what time is it?"

It seemed that someone was talking on the other end of the phone. The woman's voice was lowered, but she still spoke out one or two words, which seemed to be about the so-called schedule.

Although it was just a guess, she thought that the woman over the phone must be related to the artists.

The woman stopped guessing and asked again, "how about now?"

Leila took a look at her watch. It was exactly half past eleven at noon. It is time for lunch, she packed up and went to that place.

It was the restaurant opposite the company. It was full of Japanese wind and looked comfortable. The waiter led her to a room and she pushed the door in.

The woman in the room stood on her side. Since it was dim, so Leila couldn't see her face clearly. It seemed that the woman seemed to be familiar to Leila. Leila paused and walked into the room.

When the woman saw her coming, she raised her eyes and a smile appeared on her gorgeous face.

"Hello, Miss Song."

Leila finally knew where that feeling of familiarity came from. Wasn't the woman in front of her really the nine prominent stars discussed on TV?

The Lily were originally named Nine. With their outstanding appearance, she and Bertha were known as the queen of gossip in the entertainment circle. Just as the name suggested, the woman standing in front of them should be known by many men. After all, everything in the world is not groundless.

Trying to hide her confusion, Leila sat down opposite her with a decent smile, "Lily, what can I do for you?"

Lily gave a gentle chuckle. her beautiful faces were vivid, and even if she is a woman, she would be attracted by her. What's more, most of the men in the world had no time to think, so it was normal that they couldn't control themselves. However,

they always felt that the woman in front of them was different from Bertha.

Lily thought for a while and said, "Miss Song, I need your help."

Leila raised her eyebrows. She was neither a member of an entertainment company nor a member of it, and the Song Group she worked for had nothing to do with the entertainment industry. She needed Leila's help to find the right person?

On seeing through her confusion, Lily said, "I want to ask Miss Song for help. No one else can."

What she said intrigued Leila. She then asked, "what do you want to say, Lily?"

Taking a deep look at her, Lily paused and said, "Miss Song, please continue to discredit Bertha."

The covert and covert struggles between stars were no longer a secret in the entertainment circle. Leila could understand this and even understand why Lily came to her.

In the final analysis, Lily was just in favor of her current identity as a lady of Max, while Bertha was in the same status as herself. In a word, they could be called master and sister.

Seeing that Leila didn't say a word, Lily paused and said, "I will give Miss Song a certain reward after it's done."

With something different in her eyes, Leila corrected herself and asked, "Lily, why are you so sure that I will help you?"

Lily suddenly chuckled as if they had expected her question. She replied, "Miss Song, why not?"

It was exactly as she said that she helped her, which was equivalent to helping herself. To get rid of such a trouble Bertha, her position in Max was guaranteed.

However, there was one drawback. That was, Max hated most women's infighting. If she was discovered to do so, not to mention whether he would continue to avenge her, but even if she could still stay with Max.

Just to be on the safe side, Leila would not take the bad step.

Lily didn't expect this. A cold expression flashed across their faces. They had made sure that Leila would help her, as she was on a par with Bertha in the entertainment circle now.

The gossip was a double-edged sword, which could not only thoroughly establish your reputation, but also make you famous. Therefore, even if the reputation of her and Bertha was already despised in the entertainment circle, it was a business opportunity. It was quite good to promote products with their reputation.

However, she didn't have a way out. She was no match for Bertha at all. She felt frustrated about that. Things would turn out to the opposite direction when they were at the same time. If her reputation was damaged again, then it was not just a gossip. Gossip and scandal were two different concepts. What she wanted was to destroy Bertha completely!

In the entertainment circle, a common person should be a first-hand person. What Lily disciples had done was absolutely understandable. On a second thought, Leila grinned, "Okay, I promise you."

Lily were thinking about how to make her change her mind. She was surprised to hear that, but she was a smart woman. She knew there must be a requirement for her sudden change of mind, so she said, "Miss Song, if you have any requirements, just tell me."

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