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   Chapter 29 Counterattack (Part Two)

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After she breathed steadily, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at her sleeping face. He liked to see her dare not speak with anger and the corners of her mouth lifted slightly in a good mood.

Her hands were still grabbing his collar, which made his heart itch because of her unsafe posture. His eyes darkened. If she was not too tired, he didn't mind sleeping till dawn.

The next morning, when she woke up, Max left before her as usual, which was also good for her, because she didn't want to be embarrassed and irritated when they stayed together.

She packed up hastily and then got on the car. When she arrived at the company, she entered the office elegantly. The person who was coming made her frown. What a bad luck! Don't ruin your good mood when you see someone you don't want to see in the early morning!

With a pile of documents in her hands, Daisy walked gracefully to her and smiled, "sister, you are here in the company?"

Leila didn't show any expression on her face. She glanced at her and said, "call me vice manager when you are at the company."

The smile on her face froze for a second, and then Daisy went on to cover it. She closed her eyes and covered the hatred in them. "I see, vice manager."

With a mocking smile, Leila walked past Daisy, and bumped into her shoulder by accident. Daisy cried when she passed by, and then Daisy fell to the ground.

People from the company cast their eyes on them. They surrounded Leila in a circle and looked at her with mockery and doubts. Leila was shocked.

Leila, standing beside her, looked at Sophia in embarrassment. A trace of coldness flashed through her eyes. Did she want to frame her? Do you really think that I am still as naive as before?

Before Daisy said anything, she stretched out her hand and said gently with a beautiful smile, "Daisy, how could you be so careless? The floor is very slippery. Be careful when you walk. "

The expression on Daisy's face darkened. She had planned to frame her up with these words. She not only fell to the ground for nothing, but also got mocked by the employees. It was not worth it.

What she didn't expect was that something even more embarrassing was happening behind her. She reached out her hand and was about to pull her hand up when she felt that her hand was about to hit hard. However, a great amount of strength hung over her before she fell down to the ground again. At the same time, she heard Leila said in surprise, "Daisy, why are you pinching me?"

The employees close to Leila could see the bruise on her finger, which was shocking on her snow-white skin! All of a sudden, the employees started to gossip about their boss, and they kept guessing about what had happened.

"No, I didn't!" said Daisy

Leila seemed to have guessed what she would say. A trace of grievance appeared on her face. Her beautiful

face was lively because of her expression. She was a very attractive woman, with no arrogance or alienation, but looking a little friendly.

The employees of the company all froze the image of Miss Leila, indifferent and inhuman. Who would have thought that she would use the battered body trick?

While observing Leila's facial expression, Daisy didn't realize what was happening.

She stood up angrily. There was a trace of cruelty on her tender and tender face, which couldn't be hidden. It was noticed by the employees and aroused a lot of gossip.

Leila gently rubbed her palms and said, "it's not your fault. Maybe the ring on your finger accidentally touched me."

Hearing her words, many employees turned their eyes to the ring on Daisy's finger. It was a white and slender finger. They didn't expect such a fancy ring. An employee with sharp eyes could easily tell that the ring was Dr diamond, which was the most eye-catching design in the market. But an employee was careful enough to notice that it looked much like Dr diamond.There was still some difference in the structure. In another word, the ring on Daisy's hand was a fake.

Now that the fiancée of Lian Goup's CEO and the second daughter of Song Group's CEO would wear such a fake ring, it not only reduced her status greatly, but also embarrassed the Lien family and the Song family.

The employees looked at her strangely in an instant. In the upper class, if you have a fake goods, you will be despised. The luxury is their representative. If you can't afford it, you'd rather be clean all over. You would rather not wear such cheap things. In another word, it was not only humiliating, but also her values.

It was a heavy kick from Leila. Daisy couldn't think of any way to change her image, so he could only flee helplessly, leaving the employees sighing.

Looking at her back, Leila pursed her lips. It felt so good to revenge on her.

Because of this accident, the employees in Song Group had changed completely. The image of two beautiful ladies had also changed, but it still made people feel that the employees no longer sneered at Leila, no longer enthusiastic to Daisy. More employees were neutral, which was the most conservative way.

Leila went back to her office, massaging her eyebrows. Although she had just given vent to her anger, this was not at all compared with what they had done to her and her mother!

The computer had been turned on, and an entertainment news automatically appeared and attracted her attention. The headline became the headlines because one thing was exposed after being processed, which would become a laughing stock for people after meal.

For example, after Leila was caught in the hotel last time, for the second time in her life, she was on the entertainment headlines. But at this time, she was not particularly well-known.

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